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  • Our Purpose is to inspire people to go further

  • 20/20 vision - Positively impact 20 million people by 2020

  • Our Values - Ambition, Excellence, Innovation, Passion, Trustworthiness, Self Development.

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    Meet the team

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    Onward Travel

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    How to Search

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    Director's Fair

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    Camp Leaders Fall Updates

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    Smaller Earth Conference 2012

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    Andy's experience at Camp

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    Steven's experience at Camp

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    Tiffany's experience at Camp

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The Camp Leaders program is administered in conjunction with our US Department of State designated visa sponsors, Cultural Homestay International and International Exchange of North America. During the period from May 1st until October 1st twenty four hour support is provided by International Exchange of North America and Cultural Homestay International in association with Camp Leaders.

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