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Summer camp rules*

Rules and regulations

We know it’s not a whole load of fun talking about rules and regulations, but they are essential to ensuring you have a great summer.

All camps will have their own rules, policies and philosophies, so just make sure you pay attention in your training.


There's no smoke without fire.

If you are a smoker, we'd even go as far as to suggest that giving up for the summer might be a good idea. The majority of camps don’t allow it anywhere on site.

Plus, you’ll also increase your life expectancy, which is nice.


The legal drinking age in the US is 21 and the authorities take underage drinking very seriously. Camps are a completely alcohol-free zone and some camps will not even allow you to drink outside of camp during your time off, 21 or not.

Essentially, prepare yourself for an alcohol-free summer.

Poor performance

If you are prepared to work hard, learn and improve then this should not be an issue for you. Be punctual and care about your job.

If you are not absolutely clear by the end of your staff training about what your Director's expectations are of you, then just ask. This won't be perceived as a sign of weakness - it will show that you care about doing a good job.

If you were hired for a specific activity role at camp, ensure you have brushed up on your skills before you arrive at camp. Camps don't want lifeguards who've forgotten how to swim!

Illegal drugs

If you are found possessing/supplying illegal drugs of any kind, you will be fired without question, and will be reported to the police.

It is likely that you will face imprisonment, and ultimately deportation, which is not cool.


This is a wide topic, but essentially refers to the mistreatment of a person in a physical, sexual, emotional or neglectful way.

Your camp must provide you with its own policies and procedures regarding this, so listen and engage during staff training so that you can play your part in abuse prevention.

Child protection

Camp Leaders is committed to working in a way that ensures that children and vulnerable adults never experience abuse of any kind.

We require all participants to understand that any inappropriate behaviour towards children or vulnerable adults will be reported by camp to the law enforcement authorities.

(*it really does)