Simply Priceless

Introducing the perfect summer jobs for students, grads, gappers and you ‘somewhere inbetweeners’ the Camp Leaders program is your opportunity to get paid work in a traditional USA summer camp. If you’re thinking marshmallows on the camp fire, tree swings on the lake and a scorching hot summer, then you’re spot on.


Epic Memories

Summer camp jobs are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Working as a camp counsellor in America, or even behind the scenes as a support staff you’ll create memories to last a lifetime and come back to the UK with some legendary travel stories.


Travel & Days Off

We’re big believers in balancing work and play and with days off and up to a month of travel time after camp, you’ll be able to explore the best of America, whether you fancy New York, Miami, LA, Vegas or a bit of it all, the choice is yours. We’ll even sort you out a discount on group road trips with other travellers and summer camp staff.


A Career Boost

Not only will you make loads of friends, but you’ll have an experience to wow any future employer - from leading teams to working under pressure, you’ll come away from camp with more relevant experiences than you’ll be able to do with. Working abroad always impresses employers.


Mates from Around the World

You’ll be joining staff from countries like Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South America and more. You’ll be thrown into an enormous variety of cultures and come out the other side with friends from around the world, which we guarantee will come in handy for future travels.