The Challenge at Camp

Spending the summer at American Summer Camp can be fun and rewarding for any person who is willing to work hard and share a part of themselves with others. Camp Leaders is looking for enthusiastic, flexible, motivated and respectful candidates who are excited to work with, and be a role model to, children.


A Camp Leaders recruit should be:


  • Able to demonstrate a strong and sincere desire to work with children from diverse backgrounds.
  • Able to show previous experience and strong leadership qualities.
  • Dedicated to follow through with a minimum 9-week work commitment.
  • Adventurous, outgoing, and hard-working.
  • Prepared for the experience of a lifetime.


Before you leave, consider the following realities of summer camp life in America:


  • Camp staff duties and responsibilities are hard work and the hours are long.
  • Summer camps are usually in isolated locations.
  • Activities available outside of camp during time-off may be limited.
  • Camps are structured environments with restrictions on alcohol consumption, smoking, and curfew.
  • Summer camp conditions may be rustic and primitive.
  • Dirt, insects, and wildlife are all part of the experience!
  • Camps depend on a team/group atmosphere among their staff and campers.
  • Privacy may be limited.
  • Internet access and mobile phone reception may be sporadic at best.
  • Campers come from diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds and have a wide range of personalities, interests and abilities.
  • A staff member's display of fairness, tolerance, compassion and patience are valued and expected.
  • American staff work at camp for many of the same reasons you do, to have a fun and adventurous summer in the great outdoors.