Camp Counselors

Being a Camp Counselor...

Is like no other job you’ll ever have. Every day will bring you wonderfully bizarre experiences and adventures. By the time you’re back, you’ll never be short of an interesting story to tell your mates. As a Counselor, you'll be living in a bunk with the campers and your role during the day will be split between leading activities you've highlighted in your application and supervising the campers as they move between activities. You may also find yourself assisting in other activities as part of your campers' daily schedule. Life at camp can be pretty hectic and the job is certainly a tough one. Not to worry though, it will be the funniest job you'll ever have.

What to Expect

Spending a lot of time with campers. That’s right, you’ll be waking up early and heading to bed late, surrounded by energetic and excitable children - it’s the hardest job you’ll ever love.

Top Tip

Gain as much experience working with children as possible. The more experience you have, the stronger your camp counselor application will be.

What Not to Expect

To stick solely to your skill area. If you’re hired as a sport coach, you’ll still be getting involved in fashion shows and supporting other teams when called upon. “That’s not my job” is not a phrase used at camp.

You’ll Love

The opportunity to teach and get involved in a huge variety of summer camp activities. You’ll get the chance to try things you’ve never experienced before.

Whatever your interests, skills or experience, there's a camp out there for you!

The activities offered by camps are endless! From traditional summer camps offering a vast range of activities to specialist sport and adventure camps; from tripping programs to circus programs, to ranch camps to scouting camps, whatever your strengths, we'll find the right camp for you!

If you don't have bags of experience or a specialist skill but are enthusiastic, bursting with energy and great working with kids, then don't worry! Camps love to hire skilled staff but most also require individuals that are flexible, with a good attitude and an open mind. Many end up teaching something they never even dreamed they would be able to teach at camp, and thoroughly enjoy the experience. Staff with direct responsibility for camper supervision are known as "Counselors" whilst at camp.

Check out each job description below to see what suits you!


Cabin/Activity Counselor


Arguably the most important job on camp! Cabin Counselors assist in activities across camp as they supervise groups of campers following their daily schedule. A good cabin counselor will have strong all-round skills and ideally will be able to lead one or more specific activities too. This is so Camp Directors can ensure their staff as a whole is balanced and able to fill in when plans change!

The main responsibility of all counselors is the supervision of a bunk or cabin in between their scheduled activities, at mealtimes and at night (most counselors sleep in a room with their campers). The memories you get from that session with your kids (whether it is for two, four or even eight weeks!) will last a lifetime.


Specialist Counselor


If you have a certification or experience teaching an in-demand skill then this role is perfect for you! A Specialist Counselor provides daily instruction in a specific activity(s) to groups of children. The types of specialist skills sought after by camps are numerous so remember to include all your interests on your online profile.
Specialist Counselors will also have childcare duties and live in a cabin with campers as well as devoting a large portion of their time to their skilled activity. Specialists should also be prepared to participate in other activities during the day and evening.

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