Post Camp Trips

Kayaking in the Catskill Mountains, NY


A summer at camp is, in itself, an adventure and a hugely fulfilling experience. However, camp is just the first first half of your summer adventure! After you've completed your camp contract you'll have the opportunity to travel in the US for up to 4 weeks on your J-1 visa and we definitely encourage you to use that time!

Whilst at camp you're going to be provided with endless ideas of the different things to see and do whilst you're in the land of the free and home of the brave so you're never going to be short of something to try!

You'll make an endless number of friends when you're on camp and tearing yourself away at the end of the summer really isn't going to be pretty. Never fear though, you'll be able to put off the separation that bit longer by throwing together an epic road trip after camp, visiting the friends you've made in the last 3 months.

Americans are incredibly friendly and love to show off their great country so accept their hospitality and take the advice of a local as you see the sights.

If you don't want to arrange your own post camp travel and prefer to take part in a guided experience to ensure you're getting the most out of your time, Camp Leaders can help through our partnership with Trek America. Or, if you've decided that you want to stretch your legs further afield, Camp Leaders parent company, Smaller Earth, is here to get you set you up with programs around the world.


Taking you off the beaten track, TrekAmerica is the leader in small group adventure travel throughout North America for young adults. Think of the Trek team as that cool friend who knows how to find the places to go that you could only hope to stumble upon yourself.

TrekAmerica tours visit major cities, but also include small towns, hidden viewpoints, remote tribal lands and beautiful National Parks. There's a huge variety of trips to choose from so you'll have the ability to find one to fit in with your time scale, to focus on an area of the country you're really interested in or to simply take in the whole of the country on one of their cross-continent trips.

Take in a sunset sailboat tour of San Francisco Bay and walk the Golden Gate Bridge as part of the Westner 2 trip, camp overnight in cowboy country, view the Grand Canyon at sunset and take a city tour of Las Vegas on the Wild West trip or take a Canadian Wilderness canoe trip, see Niagara falls from the 'Maid of the Mist' cruise and head to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal for sightseeing trips on the Canadian Pioneer. 

The TrekAmerica difference is the tour leaders. Their philosophy of fun, freedom and flexibility from a locals' perspective will make this trip something to remember! So why wait, click here to find out about your 10% Camp Leaders' discount and how you can win a 2-week adventure!

Smaller Earth

Camp Leaders is just one of the range of cultural exchange programs offered by Smaller Earth. Now you've got the traveling bug why not carry on your adventure and combine your summer trip with a program in Central or South America? How about a wildlife expedition in Costa Rica, a marine expedition in Mexico or an ecotourism program in Colombia?

Smaller Earth offers work & travel, volunteering and internship programs world wide and anyone who has taken part in the Camp Leaders program has the opportunity to receive upto £100 in Smaller Earth credit.*

Why not combine your summer with one of the exciting programs of Smaller Earth?

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