Be a Colombian Ambassador

This opportunity to travel is not only a great way to spend your summer break, it is also the opportunity to show Colombia and its people as what we really are.

Sometimes people at camp will ask you:

what is Colombia known for?

Then you have a few seconds to think, suddenly, the only thing that pops up in your mind is:

Well... we like to dance and we have great coffee also

This is in fact quite ok but a little tasteless! If we do want to make a possitive impact of Colombia, avoid misunderstandings or not so stylish answer, there are certain things you MUST know about Colombia to make them say...

Wow, I want to go there!

Once in the US you will realize that there is too much about Colombia that nobody knows and we should be the ambassador that tells others about the possitive things our culture has.


Did you know that in Colombia?


  • We got the 10% of animal species content in the world.
  • We are the #1  in emerald production, with the 60% of the world production owing the biggest emerald mine of the world.
  • We are the #1 of the most beautiful and desired flowers producers all over the world.
  • We invented the first baby contact lenses
  • We are the producer # 1 of gold worldwide.
  • We produce the 70% of the Ralp Lauren Kid's Collection, 100% of Macy's underwear for kids, and a wide variety of Victoria Secret underwear.
  • We can dance 1025 folkloric rythms.
  • We are the third most important high quality coffee producer.


Colombians are hard workers!


Yes we are! No matter if your former work experiences are not formal ones, bear in mind that the most experience you have at any field  the most eye-popping your application will be and the fastest you will be hired. Imagine you are competing for a placement at the most important company, then you want your resume to be detailed and impressive for the employer.


We are the evergreen, smiling country... Pass down this happiness at camp!