FAQ - US taxation

What is the change in the tax law?

The 'Personal Exemption' which was in place prior to 1st January 2018, meant that anyone earning $4,050 or less within a financial year, was exempt from filing a tax declaration. This 'Personal Exemption' has been removed which now means that everyone who has worked in the US is required to submit a tax declaration.

Is this Nationwide or only applicable in some States?

This is a national requirement. There are two types of tax in America, a Federal tax which is a blanket tax which covers every part of the US and then a State tax which varies State to State. You'll complete a tax declaration for both.

What is a W2 form?

The W2 is a summary of your earnings, and includes details on the amount of tax you've paid. It should be issued with your payslip and will be used as part of your federal and state tax declaration. The first step if you don't have your W2 form is to speak to your camp.

Can Smaller Earth / Camp Leaders help me with my application?

Smaller Earth is not a US tax specialist and therefore cannot give assistance in completing your application. We wanted to make sure we gave participants the most up to date information in regards to the change that has come about in the US Tax law.

Can I file my own tax declaration?

The process of filing a tax declaration can be confusing, though it is possible to do it yourself. There will be online guides that can assist you should you wish to pursue this route.

What is the best tax declaration agency to use?

We cannot provide recommendations of tax agencies, we simply advise that you follow due diligence in making a decision of which to use. One step would be to read independent reviews before selecting if to use a company. Some participants decided on the agency taxback. Here you can send a free request.

Will I end up receiving a refund on my tax?

After completing the tax declaration, you will receive official confirmation of if you have over or underpaid on Federal and State Tax.

I didn't pay tax, will I need to file a tax declaration?

Yes - it is a legal requirement for every person who has worked in the US to file a tax declaration.

As a returnee participant, what about summers prior to 2018?

The 'Personal Exemption' was only removed in January 2018, so for summers prior to that, a tax declaration was not required if you were earning $4,050 or less.

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