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Harness the adventure.

Climbing jobs

Are you?

A thrill seeker, Adventurous, Alert, Patient

Bonus Qualifications

MLTUK award, Climbing wall award, Past climbing experience

Why should I teach climbing at camp?

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you have a love for adrenaline, adventure and the outdoors? Being instructor at camp is the ultimate climbing job, not only do you get to do something you really enjoy but you also get to scale and teach on some of the best purpose-built ropes courses and natural rock faces.

If you are keen to climb but aren’t qualified, you must be extremely eager to learn - many camps will host climbing courses before camp starts and will be willing to take on staff who are passionate and show potential. Be confident in your application. Camp Directors will be looking for someone who can demonstrate their knowledge and shows patience in their instruction.

Tell me more about being a climbing instructor...

Belay on! Exhilarating zip lines, dizzying heights and towering rock walls; campers love the excitement and challenge of climbing at camp. The thrill and pride campers feel when they overcome and conquer their fears is what this role is all about. Working as a climbing coach you’ll typically double up or work alongside other outdoors staff, including ropes and zipline specialists. You’ll spend most of your time at the camp’s adventure apparatus running sessions throughout the morning and afternoons.

Most camps will have a high/low ropes course and climbing wall as part of their adventure program, which range from a simple climbing wall to sky-high complex structures - climbing at camp is all about harnessing the adventure.

Being responsible is a key element as you’ll be calming nervous climbers whilst working with equipment which will need your full attention. Safety is everything when it comes to climbing.

After completing my bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh awards, I found a love for abseiling and climbing. Kamp Kohut gave me a platform to teach these passions. The best part of my job was seeing campers set a goal and achieve it in a matter of days. Especially when it came to the 15 second club! I’d train both climbing and adventure, mainly climbing for about 7 lessons each day!

Anastasia Constantinides
Camp Kohut

Frequently asked questions

How do I make my climbing instructor application stand out?

Getting the experience will make all the difference for climbing jobs abroad. You should talk about your experience/ability level, in as much detail as possible. If you want to add more to your skill then look to your local climbing center for information, classes and qualifications.

How do I become a climbing instructor at camp?

When you begin your application you’ll be asked to select your top skills. Make sure you choose climbing. You’ll be able to select high or low ropes courses(or ideally both). Go into detail about what you’re going to bring to the role. Talk about your current experience level and if you’re already qualified. A camp director will then be able to assess if you’re a good fit and invite you to their camp.

What is the climbing skill level of the campers like?

The campers will be coming with a wide range of abilities. From your first time climbers to some absolute monkeys. You’ll be working in a team of around 5+ staff. You’ll rotate roles and adapt to campers skill and fear level. There is usually a department head who will choose what area of the course you’ll be focusing on for that period.

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