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The Top 15 Vloggers you should be following for your Travel Inspiration

Looking for travel inspiration? This blog will tell you the top 15 travel vloggers that you should be following in 2019. Make sure to check it out!

Author: Grace
17 Dec 10:20

When looking for that post-camp travel inspiration, hands down - it’s all about the vlog.

I love looking at vloggers for their top tips, travel advice and to just generally get jealous.

When planning your post camp travel, I think these are the gang you need to check out - I’ve listed my fave 15, see what you think...

1. Casey Neistat

Subscriber Count - 11,490,000+

Casey is undoubtedly one of the best vloggers in the world right now - and has been for years. His vlogs are watched by his devoted fan base of 11 million+ subscribers and have a very unique style. Casey inspires with his hard working attitude and gives wannabe film makers a thrill with his tasteful shots.

I love Casey's videos because he tells great stories using his camera skills and his personality - like the time took lifeguard training with Kevin Hart at Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles.

You should watch Casey's videos, as you can’t help but want to give filming a go yourself. (Or if you'd rather just watch his vlogs, you could become a lifeguard too).

2. Sawyer Hartman

Subcriber Count - 1,885,000+

Now many will argue that Sawyer is very similar to Casey in the fact that their styles do mirror but personally I think they both deserve individual merit. Sawyer’s vlogs are truly beautiful and well thought out, and he always brings a personal aspect into them.

Make sure you watch Sawyer, because seeing his vlogs will honestly make you super happy.

3. Vagabrothers

Subsciber Count - 925,000+

I recently discovered the Vagabrothers, but they are slowly becoming one of my faves to watch. The two brothers started their travels by teaching English in Spain - they make everything accessible and enjoyable for us viewers, and when they're not vlogging, they’re always handing out nifty tips and tricks to help you on your travels.

You need to watch the Vagabrothers as they will give you the perfect destination for your next trip - check out the video below to see their ultimate Route 66 trip in the USA.

4. Hey Nadine

Subscriber Count - 470,000+

Boasting over 470,000 subscribers, Hey Nadine loves travelling. Her best vlogs have a ton of variety - whether she's letting you follow her around a city, or giving you tips to avoid rookie travel mistakes, the videos are always full of energy and excitement.

If you're worried or anxious, Hey Nadine is great for advice. Whether you’re a rookie or even a seasoned traveller, you can always get useful information from Nadine.

5. High on Life

Subscriber Count - 625,000+

High on Life are full of fun. They promote adventure. Whether they’re vlogging one of their regular road trips or making inspirational videos to encourage their audience to travel themselves their videos are always of a great quality.

High on life will always put you in a feel good mood.

6. RayaWasHere

Subscriber Count - 190,000+

One half of a popular travel couple, Raya is full of positivity whilst talking about her travels and giving fellow travellers advice. She collaborates with so many people on this list, such as Casey Neistat, so be sure to look for joint videos - they are always great to watch.

Raya is full of fun and positivity, and will always brighten up your day.

7. FunforLouis

Subsciber Count - 2,000,000+

The second half of this awesome travel couple, Louis has enjoyed travel and adventure all his life. His love for travel started when he went to Malaysia at 14. Louis loves to do good in the world - he volunteers with many charities, and has opened his home to the poor. He now makes inspiring travel videos and his love of travel is contagious from the first minute.

If you're looking for some perfect travel inspiration you NEED to watch Louis.

8. Martyn Castens

Subscriber Count - 7,400+

Martyn is a lesser-known vlogger, however he is one to watch. He loves nature and his best travel vlogs are packed full of exciting activities, such as motorbiking and yoga. He might possibly be my fave from the whole list - a tough choice, but he’s up there.

Whether you're a first time traveller or a pro you need to watch Martyn as he always takes the viewer on a journey.

9. Kristen & Siya

Subscriber Count - 270,000+

Kristen is a ton of fun, and her videos are both useful and exciting. Her vlogs are full of cinematic shots, whilst her advice videos are interesting and straight to the point.

If you LOVE food then her food porn series are not to be missed.

10. Mr Ben Brown

Subscriber Count - 700,000+

A filmmaker from London, Ben Brown’s videos are full of excitement as he vlogs his life daily (which is consistently full of travel). He obviously takes inspiration from Casey Neistat, however his videos are original and will make you sit on the edge of your seat - see the helicopter vid to know what I’m talking about.

Watch out for Ben as he is always full of fun and innovative ideas.

11. Jay Alvarrez

Subscriber Count - 1,275,000+

There aren't a whole lot of youtubers like Jay Alvarrez. Whilst Jay hasn’t got masses of content on his channel - as of this writing, only 12 in 4 years - the quality of his work makes up for it. His videos are beautifully shot and well edited, which makes watching them a pleasure. Not only has he got millions of views, he also has collaborated with music artist Kygo - which is just another feather in his cap.

Jay’s videos are so much fun to watch - and he proves that the best vloggers don't always produce the most content. Watch Jay's videos today, get inspired, and plan your own adventure.

12. Janni Deler

Subscriber Count - 360,000+

Janni is a lifestyle & travel vlogger from Sweden, but currently lives in Monaco. Her luxury travels make many people get travel envy, considering her travel vlogs are always to exotic places and packed full of fun.

Janni’s travels are so much fun to follow, and really get you excited about travelling.

13. Cameron Phillips

Subscriber Count - 52,000+

Again, another lesser-known Youtuber. I thoroughly enjoy Cameron's videos, as they are usually so interesting and well filmed. There is the occasional jaw-dropping moment, like when he climbed up a skyscraper in Bangkok, but it always makes the vlog enjoyable to watch.

Along with his instagram, Cameron’s shots are beautiful, interesting and full of culture. If you’re looking for travel inspiration, a few minutes on Cameron’s youtube and you’ll be booking your next adventure.

14. Kold

Subscriber Count - 825,000+

If there are any youtubers like Jay Alvarrez, Sam Kolder is the guy. He truly makes crazy videos. They are jam-packed full of culture, and are shot in a similar style to fellow creator Jay Alvarrez, yet it still has the personal touch as he often talks to the camera. He is one of my favourites on the list and I can’t wait for more of his content.

If you’re looking for a crazy adventure to follow, you must follow Sam immediately.

15. Lost Leblanc

Subscriber Count - 1,195,000+

Christian’s vlogs are full of action. He edits well and always has a great soundtrack to go with the content. Again like Sam Kolder his shots are great but he still keeps it real by talking to the camera. He doesn't just film his own life either - in the video below, he teaches beginner videographers everything they need to know about creating travel videos.

Again, Christian’s vlogs are never boring and always amaze me. He is one to watch.

So there you have it - 15 travel vloggers who can inspire you to take the leap and travel the world. If you're interested in starting your own travel vlog, why not start out as a video specialist at summer camp in America?

One of our seasoned interns, there is nothing Grace loves more than to talk about travel. Learn from one of the best for post camp inspo.

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