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The Ultimate Guide to the Camp Leaders Job Fairs

All you need to know for our famous Camp Leaders Job Fairs. Find out all about the day and how to get hired on the spot!

Author: Camp Leaders
09 Jan 10:46

We host the most job fairs around the world, for one simple reason.

You can get hired on the spot

You can walk in, meet the camps and walk away with your summer job sorted.

We believe in the job fairs and want for you to get the most out of them, so have put together this guide to answer your top questions and get you up to speed with everything. Stat.

This is the blog which has you covered.

So let’s start at the beginning.

What are the job fairs?

The job fairs are the biggest event in the Summer camp calendar. Every January, we fly real-life Americans over from the States so that they can hire in person for their camps.

The room will be set up with lots of stalls and you’ll be able to mingle and speak with the camps of your choice.

We’ll have a huge variety of different summer camps at the event. From the traditional private camps to YMCA camps, Christian camps, Girl Scout camps, Jewish camps, inspiring special needs camps… just to name a few. There’s a role for everyone and this is the event to find out yours, in person, on the day.

The Directors are looking to hire lots of people to work at their camp and will list the skills they are looking for.

Top Tip: Do your research before you go and then keep looking at the boards during the day for camp hiring updates.

Where are they?

There are 6 big events up and down the county which are public, so a bit different to our private fairs (which are invite only)

Our 2019 Job fairs are in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Manchester. Giving you no excuse not to pop along.


[London] - Saturday 19th Jan

Where: Mariott Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London W1K 6JP

[Dublin] - Sunday 20th Jan

Where: Camden Court Hotel, 2 Camden Street Lower, Saint Kevin's, Dublin, D02 KH42

[Manchester] - Saturday 26th Jan

Where: Manchester Central Convention Complex Ltd, Petersfield, M2 3GX

[Cardiff] - Sunday 27th Jan

Where: Cardiff City Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3ND

[Edinburgh] - Sunday 27th Jan

Where: Sheraton Grand Hotel, 1 Festival Square, Edinburgh, EH3 9SR

What are they like?

The job fairs are high energy and always have a really great buzz. Lots of camps eager to meet people, lots of people getting hired. It’s good fun and very friendly.

A common worry for people before the fair is that it might be competitive. Rest assured there’s a wide variety of camps, positions and directors to make sure there’s lots of difference in the roles and what they are hiring for. But, to really calm that fear, we also have a team of helpers on hand to make sure you’re always taken care of.

The jobs fairs is a great way to get hired and meet people from a range of camps. Its such an eased atmosphere, with the opportunity for you to get to know camp directors, as well as them getting to know you. It was great to meet the camp leaders team and of course, get hired. Abbie Morgan - Placed at Camp Chi

What should I bring

The only thing you’ll need to physically bring is your printed online application. You can do this by scrolling down to the bottom and select the ‘view a PDF of your application’. Hit print.

Top Tip: The more you fill out on your application the better. Directors will want to know everything about you and what you’re bringing to summer camp.

You won’t need to worry about dressing up or going formal. It’s a very relaxed atmosphere and wearing something comfortable is definitely encouraged.

Bring your A game

This is your chance to get placed. Camp’s will be looking for a good fit for their camp and it may be a little cliche, but it’s all about personality. Camp Directors will be looking for someone enthusiastic about camp. You’re going to be working with children so it’s great to show you have energy and a positive attitude.. Smile. Be happy and let your application do the rest.

Water and snacks

It can be a long day and we want you to keep your energy level high. So alongside some ‘Braveheart’ style motivational pep talks, we’ll have snacks and girl scout cookies on hand. But would also say there’s no harm in bringing some extra from home.

How our Camp Leaders recruitment fair works

Timeline of the day

People tend to arrive early and the doors will officially open at 10am sharp. Once you’ve left the registration desk you’ll be entering our high energy ‘RaRa’ room.

The RaRa room is essentially a pep talk to guide you through the layout of the room, who’s next door and some extra tips to get you hired.

Then you’ll head into the room and meet the directors. They’ll be stationed at tables advertising their camps, normally with a few goodies (like a job at summer camp) and will be waiting to speak with you.

Top tip: Talk to as many directors as possible. They’re all there to meet you and your top camp might be different from the one you researched.

Directors will want to really get to know you and if you fit, they’ll be offering you a job at camp. Yep. That easy.

“I got hired at the Camp Leaders 2013 Manchester Job Fair, there were a few camps I had researched beforehand that looked cool but when I got there they had massive lines and felt I could always speak to other camps in the meantime. I did a lap and picked out some camps looking for tennis staff with a smaller lines. The two directors at Echo Lake were really cool guys and the way they spoke about camp was amazing, I told them ‘you’ve sold it to me, I want to work at this camp’. 3 summers later and it’s still the best decision I’ve made. To think I almost didn’t get on that 4am bus to Manchester. Liam McLeod - Placed at Echo Lake

Who am I going to talk to?

Everyone. The best thing about our Camp Leaders recruitment fair is that it’s a unique opportunity to speak to camps face-to-face, to get to know people going to your camp before you go and speak with us too - get advice on what it’s going to be like, what to pack and what to expect.

What time should I arrive?

The fairs start at 10, but the queue will begin around 8-9am. If you do arrive earlier, we’d strongly recommend getting a bacon butty from Greggs (other bacon bap providers are available). If the sausage rolls are on offer… we won’t say no.

The job fair will run until 3.

If you are running late - then no biggie. Just get here when you can. Camp’s will be hiring all the way up until 3pm.

How do I book in which fair I’m going to?

Simply hit events on your profile and let us know which job fair we’ll be seeing you at. Your ticket to this event is part of your camp leaders package. The earlier you let us know the quicker we can get your ticket and info pack in the post.

The pack in the post will also feature a full list of our camps at each and every fair, so you can go to town on your research. The list release is one of the most anticipated events in the Camp Leaders calendar. Second only to Christmas and maybe our birthdays…

By signing up early you’ll get your camp list. If you let us know a bit later we will also be emailing you with the details closer to the event.

So either way you’ll be fully prepped.

See you there.

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