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Why Stop There? | A Quick Guide to Planning Your Post-Camp Trip

Once your summer is over, the next part of adventure begins. How to plan your epic trip post camp - with a little help from our friends at TrekAmerica.

Author: Liam
18 Jan 15:00

It’s the end of summer, and before you know it camp is over. Your bags are packed, goodbyes said... so what comes next?

You could just head back to reality, but we have a way better idea, why stop there? After your amazing time at camp comes to an end, but before you go home, you’re in the perfect position to get yourself on the road and check out even more of the States. It’d be rude not to right?

Combining working at camp with an epic road trip is the recipe for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here are just a handful of reasons why post-camp travel in America is an awesome idea…

You’ll see the amazing sights…

The obvious reason for getting out there and exploring more of the USA is that you’ll get to see all those sights that you’d previously only dreamed of. Grand Canyon? Check. Niagara Falls? Done. Sure, you’ve experienced a taste of American living, but with 50 states to explore, there’s always more to see!

…and go off the beaten track

Sure, the big sights are popular for a reason. But beyond the city guides and top tens, there are plenty of quirkier experiences to be had. You could stop off on Route 66 to check out classic Americana, trawl a Deep South flea market for bargains or simply dip your toes in a hidden-away stream. Whether they’re big or small, adventures await!

It’s a great time to wind down

We bet you’ll be working hard at camp as well as having tons of fun – so taking some time to wind down after makes the whole experience even better. Why not relax on a sandy beach, or get close to nature in amazing national parks?

You’ll meet new people

Whether it’s bonding over a shared love of Philly cheesesteaks with another traveler or getting the inside track from a chatty local, you can never have enough friends, right? Alongside your new-found camp buddies, travelling gives you the chance to meet all kinds of people, from all walks of life. Joining a small group tour is the perfect way to find a ready-made squad of like-minded travelers.

You’ll have all the best stories to tell

Heading off to Uni or back into work once your American dream’s over? You’ll be the one with all the amazing tales that the folks back home are just dying to hear.

The memories will last a lifetime

If there’s one thing our past campers and travellers have learnt, it’s that their time in the States is one they’ll remember forever. When the Instagram likes stop coming in and you’re back to working or studying, these are the experiences you’ll look back on fondly – shaping who you are as a person, and enriching your life in ways you could never even imagine.

Sold on seeing more, but not sure how?

TrekAmerica specialise in group tours for 18-38 year olds – the perfect way to see the States after camp has finished – taking all the hassle out of organizing your own travel after a busy summer season. What’s more, if you’re joining as a camp counselor, you’ll get 10% off your TrekAmerica tour.

So make those road trip dreams a reality, and combine the amazing experience with camp with incredible travel memories!

Liam is our king of summer camp. Having worked at Echo Lake and IHC in New York City, this champ lives 10 for 2, 24 7.

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