First Time Counselor's FAQs


How much does it cost?


The 2018 summer season price is £649.

This includes your return flights to the USA, your medical insurance, and placement. Boom.

The £49 deposit is part of your overall fee, not an addition.

There are also some third party fees to pay, these are the same no matter which company you go with.  

  • Medical Check - Varies based on GP Practice
  • Advanced Police Check - £60
  • US Visa Interview - $160 (Paid to the US Embassy)

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Am I guaranteed a job?


We have one of the highest placement rates in the industry and we pride ourselves on our winning customer service. Whilst we can never 100% guarantee a job for everyone, we promise we will try our very hardest to get you hired for your dream job. This means we will work tirelessly to make sure your application is look great, camp directors are seeing it, camps are able to find your application and consider you for a suitable position. 


What will I actually be doing there?


There are 3 main types of roles that participants generally get hired for. 

General camp counsellor

As a summer Camp Counselor, you’ll be living in a bunk with a specific age group of campers and your role during the day will be supervising the campers as they move between activities. You may also find yourself assisting in other activities as part of your campers’ daily schedule. You’re like a cool older sibling. 


Activity specialist counselor

This role is very similar in a lot of aspects to the general camp counselor, you’ll still be living in a bunk with a specific age group of campers but during the day you will be coaching or teaching your specific chosen skill to different age groups of campers. When you’re not coaching you basically become a general camp counsellor for your bunk of campers. 


Support staff

Every camp requires behind the scenes staff who ensure everyone has the equipment, facilities and food they need to keep camp running. Support staff roles receive a higher salary and are allocated more free time to ensure you can get involved with the day-to-day fun of camp. It's likely that you'll live separately to the campers in a staff bunk and so won't have a specific responsibility for a cabin of campers.


Can I pick where I go?


We work with over 500+ camps all over America and alongside our US Camp Leaders team we hold great relationships with the each and every camp we work with. When you fill out your application you can pick preferences and we will try our hardest to achieve them for you. You can’t pick your own camp but we listen carefully to what you are looking for and try find the perfect camp or the closest camp to that. 


What are my next steps? 


After you’ve applied and filled out the basic information section of your application the follow steps are. 

  1. Request your interview
  2. Pay your deposit
  3. Get your application looking great and ready for the camp directors to see
  4. Let us find a camp for you. In the meantime you pay your balance and submit all required documents.
  5. Camp Leaders will order the correct visa paperwork for you. Complete your visa application, insurance etc then you are ‘Ready to fly’ to the USA for an amazing summer at camp.


I don’t really have any skills or experience with children - can I still go to camp?


Of course! Camp is for everyone. If you don’t have many skills or much experience with children then a strong application is key. You need to get your personality, your passions and why you want to work at camp across to camp directors. That’s where we step in, we’ve been, seen and done it all and we can help you get your application to the level it needs to be.


What can I teach at Camp?


As we said before, we work with hundreds of camps across the US, these camps hire for dozens of different skill areas. The list would be too long to write out here but to categorise it simply you would fall under these areas.

  • Sports 
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Theatre & Music
  • Outdoor Pursuits
  • Waterfront
  • Horse-riding


Do I get days off?


Yes. Camp is a great job but at times it can be long, tough and demanding. Camp Directors understand this and that’s why the majority of camps will give you days off and periods off for you to relax, recover and enjoy the American life. You’ll find out more about how can you spend your days off when you know which camp you’re at but you can always read this blog which describes in more detail what you can get up to on day off.


Can I still contact home whilst at camp itself?


Yes. Wifi and electronics are limited at a lot of camp but again the majority will have a staff area with wifi and computer access, you’ll maybe have lockers to keep your phone/laptop too. In your free time you’ll be able to use these areas for your own needs.

Every camp will have a landline phone too which you may have access to to make long distance phone calls. 


What age of kids will I work with?


The typical American summer camp has campers from the ages of 6-16 years old, you will fly to camp about a week or two before the campers arrive for a staff orientation. Here you will get to meet other staff, learn more about camp life and how everything works. During this week it is very likely that you will be asked questions about which age group you might like to work with, what experiences you have with kids etc.. 

Speaking from my own personal experience here, don’t worry if you don’t get the age group you think you wanted, it happened to me my first AND second summer and I ended up in an amazing bunk with two strangers that to this day are still my best friends. You’ll be amazed to find that camp often know you better than you know yourself!

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