Eligibility To Work At Camp in America

Going to Summer Camp is an incredible experience, one we want to share with everyone.


To be eligible to head to camp with us this season, you need to...


  • Be 18 years or older by 1st June
  • Be able to travel to America between 1st May -19th June
  • Be able to spend 9-10 weeks at camp
  • Able to speak English
  • Have a clean criminal background
  • Meet our medical check criteria


Support staff only

  • Active full-time student status at University


What if I don’t fill the requirements?

Maybe your dates don’t quite work or there may be something that pops up on a medical form that you’re worried about.

Hakuna Matata - this is what our super team members are for.

Speaking to our office team is the first step. We want to help and what may seem like a problem, might not be an issue at all. Give us a call, tweet or just plain shout from the rooftops - we got you.



How old do I need to be to go to Summer Camp?

You must be 18 years or older by June 1st.

We wish we could send you across at 17, but it is due to Visa restrictions and insurance requirements to why it’s just not possible. Use the time instead to build up your application, get that volunteer and child-care experience.

Over 18, no problem - there is no age limit to the program.


When does Summer Camp start?

We send people across to begin their fantastic summers from May 1st.

To be eligible you need to be free between May 1st and June 19th. On your application you’ll be able to select your ideal start date and we’ll match you up with a Camp that begins around that time.

Different camps, in different states, all begin at different times. The earlier you select that start date the better - as more camps shall be able to hire you.


When does Summer Camp end?

Sadly all great things come to an end. Camps will close up season anywhere from August 15th - Sept 21st.

You’ll also have an optional 30 days to travel.

When filling in your application - you’ll be able to select your home date. As long as it’s not before August 15th then that’s just fine.


How long is Summer Camp?

Summer camp in America is between 7-9 weeks.

You need to make sure you will be available for the whole duration of summer camp. The beginning shall feature 2 weeks of in-depth training for you to understand your camp’s rules and traditions alongside settling in and team building. After camp you can also travel on your Visa for 30 days… so you could be out enjoying the States for around 3 months - if you choose to!


Do I need to have a Police check to go to Summer Camp?

Yes, everyone needs a valid police check.

The police check must be in date from the September of the year you are applying. As you are working with children this is essential.


When do Camp Leaders applications close?

We'll update the homepage to our cut off date. But the applications for summer camp in America end around April.

We want to make sure that everyone once interviewed is able to get a place. To make sure you get your dream role - our advice is apply early. The early bird definitely catches the worm - if you apply too late we will have to put your application to the next year. So don’t miss out.


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