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Getting ready for the summer.

Prep days

Summer is coming, and so are the Camp Leaders Preparation Days (or Prep Days)...

From summer camp chants to visa queries to who to contact in the US and what to pack, our Prep Days fully prepare you for your summer of a lifetime.

Head to the events section on your profile and sign up. We can’t wait to see you there!

Do I have to attend?

Attending a Prep Day is mandatory for a first timer. We at Camp Leaders have the responsibility to ensure that you are equipped with all of the necessary knowledge, skills and support for your summer in America.

Our visa sponsor requires us to fully prepare you before heading out to camp.

What are the Prep Days about?

We’ll tell you everything from what to pack, important visa information, what happens at the airport, how camp works and the best way to travel post-camp. You probably have loads of questions and the Prep Day is the perfect way to get them answered.

If I haven’t been placed yet, should I still attend?

Yes. Even if you haven't got a place at camp you still need to attend a Prep Day. You will be going to camp this summer so get your Prep Day booked in as soon as possible.

Remember, there’s no need to worry about not being placed yet. If you’re still not placed when the Prep Day comes around we will go over your application and help you find a place at camp.

What should I bring?

You’re not required to bring anything to the Prep Days. You may want a pen, a bottle of water and a notebook to jot down key information. As for the rest- we’ve got you covered! Ooh, and don’t forget your enthusiasm… you are going to summer camp after all.

What should I expect on the day?

To have fun, learn all you need to know about camp and leave feeling fully prepared for your summer in the US! We inject energy into the sessions and get you even more excited for your summer of a lifetime (if that’s even possible). The team presenting are knowledgeable, summer camp experts who are here to support you throughout your journey. You'll even recognise names and faces from our job fairs and speaking to them on the phone. So get ready for a repeat after me song (or 2)!

If I’m going to a special needs camp, which Prep Day should I attend?

We hold numerous special needs focused Prep Days. If you are working at a special needs camp this summer, try and come along to one of these dates. The chances of you finding other people going to your camp will be higher and we're flying over some of our special needs Camp Directors to provide the specialised knowledge that you need to know.

(If you haven't been placed yet and are interested in going to a camp that caters for Special Needs then make sure to book into one of these dates).

Where are the Prep Days?

We are hosting Prep Days in cities all across the UK and in locations that are close to public transport or in universities. They will last for 3 ½ hours during the week with multiple dates to choose from.It will be jam-packed 3 and half hours! But it'll be good fun, we promise.

See you there.