Summer Camp Support Staff Jobs

Support Staff Jobs

What are summer camp support staff? Let’s step behind the scenes and meet the team - camp couldn’t function without support staff and it is these guys who keep everything running super smooth on a daily basis.

Every camp requires behind the scenes staff who ensure everyone has the equipment, facilities and food they need to keep camp going full swing. Support staff roles receive a higher salary and are given more free time to ensure you can get involved with the day-to-day fun of camp. It's likely that you'll live separately to the campers in a staff bunk and so won't have a specific responsibility for a cabin of campers.

If you are more interested in gaining work experience outside of working with children then the support staff role is for you.

What to expect

The chance to create incredibly strong friendships working in close-knit teams, supporting the camp in its day to day operations.

Top tip

Increase your chances of placement by applying to a support staff position. UK support staff are in high demand.

What not to expect

A children-free summer. Yes, you won’t be working directly with the children all day, but you’ll still be expected to get involved in camp-wide activities and games, but don’t worry, you’ll find your feet with it.

You'll love

That awesome feeling you get when you realise you get a higher salary and added time off.

There are four main support staff categories which can be found at camp:


  • Office
  • Maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchen


Every day will bring you wonderful bizarre experiences and adventures. By the time you’re back, you’ll never be short of an interesting story to tell your mates. Whilst your role at summer camp is certainly going to keep you very busy each day, it's a fantastic way to be part of camp life, see the USA and have an absolute blast.



Summer camp in America is one of the most accessible ways to work and travel abroad. However, there are some criteria which you need to meet in order to fulfill the role of support staff. To be support staff at camp in America you must

  • Be a full time student in on-going Higher Education
  • Be over the age of 18 by the time you attend camp
  • Have a clean criminal background
  • Be available during the American summer, early May to September


Advantages of working as Support staff

  • The best summer of your life: It really is that simple. We offer you the chance to have an experience that you’ll never get anywhere else. Your adventure will stay with you for the rest of your life. You’ll never forget your legendary summer in America.
  • CV Enhancement: Make yourself stand out. By working at camp, you’ll gain over 800 hours of working in an international setting. Recognized by Employers, get yourself noticed and have fun doing it.
  • Mates from around the world: We send participants from 16 countries around the world, offering you the chance to make incredible friendships with people from far flung places like Canada, the Czech Republic, and Venezuela. We’ve no doubt you’ll develop a passion for travel if you haven’t already and having a couch or two to sleep on during your next round the world trip really comes in handy.
  • Not your average day job: Being support staff at summer camp really allows you the best of both worlds - experience the world of summer camp, from food fights to lake swings and campfires - but also gain work experience in the industry of your choice abroad.

Although you will not be on the camper side, you shall still be able to join in with the all camp evening entertainment and, if not being used by campers, to try your hand at all the unique activities camp has to offer - from waterskiing to rock climbing - there shall be opportunities to make this the summer you want to have.


Staff Training

Alongside our Preparation day - you’ll spend your first week of camp getting trained on all other aspects of your support staff job role. This is often called orientation and will cover things like support staff protocol,  shift rotas and team-building exercises, offering you the opportunity to make strong connections with other staff members before the campers arrive.

As part of your orientation you should expect to get down and dirty in getting camp prepped for the summer. This will include things like office clean up, cleaning equipment and clearing out basements. It’s a small part of what you do, but it’s important that camp is ready for camper check in day.

Orientation week will also give you a chance to get used to your area of responsibility, whether that’s setting up in the kitchen, organising the office files or safety checking the maintenance equipment. This is your time to get prepped for your summer adventure ahead.


Time Off

Summer camp is enormously fun but certainly one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever love.

Camps understand how hard you are working and will ensure you have time off to relax recover and enjoy.

One of the advantages of the support staff role is that with your structured hours you’ll receive more time off than counselors typically will. On average support staff roles run to a 10 hour day with one day off a week. Many support roles start earlier in the morning - breakfast preparation can begin pretty early, sometimes just after 6am, but we promise you that everyone on camp is grateful for the most important meal of the day. Other roles, like the office staff, tend to begin after breakfast echoing your typical 9-5. You’ll likely be sleeping in separate cabins than the counselors and the campers which means you’ll find more time off during the evenings to relax and, if you want to, to take the opportunity to join in the evening camp games. Every camp is different but the philosophies shall remain the same - work hard and play hard.

Not only will you get extra time off compared to Camp Counselors you also have up to 30 days to explore the best of America after camp. Soak in the sights, sunshine and experience the real USA firsthand. Whether you fancy a DIY adventure or one of our many discounted group road trips, the USA is all yours for the taking, from San Fran to NYC and everywhere in between.


Why should I be support staff?

Support staff jobs are for anyone who would love to experience the epic tradition that is summer camp in America but may not want to work with children.

Be a support staff member this summer and challenge your norm, develop your skills, travel and make friends from all around the world. Being a support staff isn’t just a work placement abroad, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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