Girl Scout Summer Camps in America

Girl Scouts Summer Camps

The Girl Scouts of America is one of the largest organisations for females in the USA with a long established tradition of summer camp.

With hundreds of camps all over the country, their mission is to 'build girls with courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place'.

Girl Scout summer camps are for the children to try out new outdoor experiences without worrying about the pressures of the outside world.

Many female leaders, namely Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, are proud Girl Scout alumni and are strong advocates for the organisation.

What to Expect

The opportunity to inspire a group of young girls by embracing the outdoors, throwing yourself into the deep end and leading by example as a strong and independent role model.

Top Tip

Girl Scout camps tend to have nicknames and motifs (kind of like a superhero name) for the staff and build this into a naming ceremony. It’s never too early to start thinking of yours...

What Not to Expect

Much modern technology. While the majority of summer camps try to limit the use of personal technology like phones and ipods, many Girl Scout camps won’t even have electricity, but don’t worry, the great outdoors has everything you need to keep you engaged.

You’ll Love

The feeling of being involved in such an enormously strong and long-lived community of strong and confident women.

Facilities and Accommodation

Girl Scout camps are extremely varied in size and facilities, but camp facilities are often rustic, using wood cabins and platform tents for accommodation. Camp can offer a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, climbing and ropes, camping and hiking, horse riding and cycling and of course waterfront activities. The camps are very traditional and campers and staff return year after year to be part of tradition and the camp family.

The Campers

Girl Scouts USA has over 3 million members from all walks of life, and Girl Scout camp is a melting pot of culture, socioeconomic background and belief that make for truly unique and rewarding American summer camp jobs. Girl Scout camps will have a female only camper population, and predominantly a female staff although some will have male staff in certain roles.       

Applying for a Girl Scout Camp

As part of your Camp Leaders application, you will specify what kind of camp you’re interested in working in and we will then look to match you with your preferred camp. You will have the option to select working in rustic environments as part of your application and our team will do their magic. Remember that being more open to working at different camp types increases your chances of placement.

Placement Opportunities with Camp Leaders

Camp Leaders works with over 500 hundred of the best camps in America, giving you some of the highest placement chances in the industry. Camps over in the US use a number of UK-based agencies to recruit staff and Camp Leaders has been one of the key providers for  nearly 20 years, giving you the security of finding that summer job in America.

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