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Get off the beaten track.

Treks and Tours

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Heading to summer camp with Camp Leaders? Want the ultimate USA travel experience? Look no further.

With treks and tours across the USA and Canada, TrekAmerica is the ultimate way to travel after camp.

It pays to go with the Leaders.

TrekAmerica tours & destinations

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Why TrekAmerica?

Great value for your money.

TrekAmerica is a safe, fun, and affordable way to see the most epic sights in America. Tours include accommodation & transport, an experienced tour leader, and even selected meals on some tours.

You'll have your choice of tours that last for 3 days, or you can use your entire 30-day after camp period to see America.

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Local tour guides. Bucket list destinations. Accommodation & transport. Meet people from all over the world. Explore America.

TrekAmerica tours include:
  • Transport with an experienced tour leader
  • Accommodation (budget hotels or outdoor camping)
  • All National Park and camping fees
  • Incredible sightseeing and other activities
  • Small group sizes (less than 13)
  • Select meals on some tours
Find out what America has to offer.

TrekAmerica tours explore deep into iconic national, state, and provincial parks.

With a tour leader to show you the way and your own private transportation, your group will be almost self-sufficient as you explore the less well-known parts of the USA.

Fun, freedom, & flexibility.

Free time and choice are a key part of TrekAmerica tours. Hang out with the group or do your own thing - it's up to you.

On top of all the incredible tour highlights, you'll also have your choice of optional activities while on your trip. It's all about flexibility - and it's the ultimate road trip.

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Make lifelong friends.

There's no better way to travel the US than with a group of like-minded travellers.

Tour group sizes of no more than 13 people allow you to get to know everyone individually.

With an established backpacker network, TrekAmerica is a safe, fun, cost-effective way to see the USA.

Your American adventure doesn't end at camp.

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