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Student job

Student job abroad 🇺🇸

Experience for a lifetime. 🗽

The best student job abroad

Are you over 19? Do you have at least a completed school year at a university in Hungary? Do you speak English? If your answers were yes to the above questions, there is probably nothing in your way!

Summer camp in America is your chance to do something different. We’ve sent thousands of people to work abroad in the USA and with hundreds of roles to choose from, there’s going to be something to suit you too.

Go with the Leaders.

If you’re longing for an extra amount of adventure, new friends, unforgettable adventures, what’s more you are not afraid of challenges, we have good news for you! You can go to the US with Camp Leaders if you meet the eligibility requirements.

As a young university student you can try yourself as a Camp Counselor or Support Staff member! The choice is yours – we’ll surely find the best fitting job for you.

Boost your CV

Do it with us:

  • Work experience abroad ✅
  • Skills such as teamwork, interpersonal communication, organizing skills ✅

During the job interviews, people always want to hear more about the American summer!

Camp life is the best life 🏕

Working in a summer camp isn’t simply about doing the daily work. You’re not gonna rest after you finished with your work because there are a lot of adventures and experiences waiting for you!

You’ll get to know the traditional camps of the United States first hand, and your collegues will become your friends, no doubt about that. So leave your comfort zone, make some international friends and get to know yourself more – do all of this while even making some money!


Camp Counselor

Would you like to teach your favourite sports to kids? Do you want to gain teaching experience? If you are great with kids, enjoy living a fast-paced life and you are not afraid of taking responsibility, you should apply for the Camp Counselor position.

  • General Counselor: You'll be leading a small group of campers, looking out for them and encouraging them - and joining in on the fun.
  • Activity Specialist: Lead activity sessions. Whatever you're passionate about, you'll be able to teach it at summer camp.
  • Special Needs Counselor: The most meaningful job at camp. You’ll be there to support and enable campers of all abilities to flourish and have a summer without limits.

Support Staff

If you are a great team-player and you would like to be a member of a diverse community, you should join the Support Staff! They are responsible for the operational tasks of camp. You can work in the kitchen, the office, you can take care of housekeeping, laundry or maintenance related tasks.

It’s easier than you think.

You're eligible if:

  • You’ll be at least 19 years old by June 6th 2022
  • You have at least a conversational level of English knowledge
  • You are currently studying at a Hungarian university, and have at least a completed school year, or you have a full-time job working with children

  • Granting a J1 (cultural exchange visitor) visa is under the authority of the US Embassy thus it is not in the power of Camp Leaders to determine if you will be granted one.

Work and Travel

The order in the title is not a coincidence. If you only want to travel without working, we must disappoint you. Work comes first, then comes fun! But of course the time you spend working is full of fun too.

Summer camps start at the end of May/ early June, and run for about 9-12 weeks - and you'll get a maximum of 30 days afterward to check out anything and everything you want to see in the USA.

Ever wanted to view the New York skyline from the Empire State building, surf the waves in San Diego or witness a sunrise over the Grand Canyon? - you can go wherever you want, however you want, this is your time, it’s your vacation!

Guaranteed pocket money

Your guaranteed pocket money after taxes for the summer:

  • Support Staff (Age 19-30): USD 1300
  • Camp Counselor (Age 18-20): USD 950
  • Camp Counselor (Age 21+): USD 1050

  • Special Needs Counselor: + USD 150

  • Activity Specialist: + USD 100


Apply for 2022 now

Our program includes:

  • guaranteed placement
  • round-way plane ticket that allows changes
  • interview opportunity with camps
  • up to 90 days medical insurance
  • a full service of visa arrangements
  • itinerary to your camp (transportation costs covered by us)
  • food and accommodation at camp during your stay
  • pre-departure orientation
  • 24/7 US Helpline
  • opportunity to travel after work
  • you can fly home from a city other than New York

390 EUR

Spend your whole summer in America for the price of a flight.

3rd party costs

Fees, you don’t pay for us, but are necessary for your departure:

  • J1 Visa fee – USD 160 you must pay in HUF for the American Consulate between February and May the earliest.

  • SEVIS fee – 35 USD

  • Visa picture – about 2000 HUF

Are you ready for the best summer of your life?

Viktória E.

★★★★★ Sep 2018

Best decision of my life. Camp has really been the best experience I’ve ever had, and I am already counting the days til I can return. I’ve really grown as a person and I made friends for a life... I just can’t put it into words how thankful I am for this opportunity... Thank you!

Tamás B.

★★★★★ Aug 2018

I loved the idea since day 1. From the moment I clicked on the Sign in button I got hooked. I was writing essays and CVs and it was moving forwards very quickly. I had the interview and the visa. And in a blink of an eye I found myself in the middle of West Massachusetts preparing tge waterfront for around 600 kids. This was the craziest yet most rewarding experience of my life. The Camp Leaders team stood by me all the time. [...]

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