Six Ways Camp Can Change Your Life



Working at a USA Summer Camp for the summer is nothing less than a life changing experience - just ask anyone who’s been. We’ve put together a list of ways camp could change you!


You’ll learn patience


Herding sheep *ahem*, children, all day every day will most certainly push your patience to the very limit - but, you won’t mind. In fact, you’ll love every second of it. Even if you don’t, you know it’ll be worth it. You’ll come home with a mountain of patience that you can apply to new situations - and you’ll have camp to thank.


You’ll disconnect from the outside world


At first, you’ll hate it; not having Facebook at your fingertips or Snapchat to capture that epic lake view. But eventually, you’ll realise you’re feeling more connected than ever because you’re actually communicating and socialising with actual people. You’ll forget about what’s happening in the world around you and start taking in every moment more than you ever have before!


You’ll push yourself


Whether you’re someone who loves the limelight or shies away from it; a summer at camp will allow you to test yourself and step outside your comfort zone. This could mean making a goofball out of yourself on stage in front of the whole camp, or running the summer's most successful game of Ultimate Charades - either way you’ll come away feeling like you’ve achieved something new this summer, and all the confidence that comes with!


You’ll become more efficient


Ever showered in under three minutes, cleaned a bunk top to toe with 9 children, got them all to their activities with full water bottles before it’s even 9am? If not, then you’ve never been to camp, because this will soon be your norm! You’ll figure out the fastest and easiest ways of getting everything done, when it needs to be done - a major life skill.


Improvisation - No problem


When it rains down on the tennis court and you’ve to move your class inside, improvising is the last thing you planned for. But that’s exactly what you’ve been built for. Your ability to keep 15 kids happy, smiling and, more importantly, forgetting that it’s even raining will also keep you happy and smiling!


You’ll walk away with lifelong, global friends


Camp is home to many counselors who come from all around the world, and you’ll be spending the two months with them - and could even travel with them for a month after camp. You’ll get to know them inside out, like you’ve known them for years! You’ll miss them incredibly when you leave, but you’ll be revelling in the fact you have coaches around the world waiting for you to crash on them!


There are thousands of way camp can change your life, and every experience is different for everyone. But we know one thing is for sure - everyone leaves camp a new and improved version of themselves - carrying with them all the important lessons and skills camp taught them.

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