Why Working At A US Summer Camp Is The Best J1


Be it a sleep away camp in Massachusetts or a day camp in NYC, each and every camp has something magical to be experienced. Camp is a world of its own where counselors become children and the children...well they become family. It’s a place where friendships blossom, memories are made and you'll end up leaving a piece of your heart. 


Push yourself outside your comfort zone and try something new.

It might be your first time travelling alone but trust me you won’t regret it, nothing is more exciting than the fear of the unknown. You'll come home after a summer of firsts with an unbelievable sense of pride. Wether you've never made a fool of yourself on stage, taken a flight by yourself or helped a child turn their bad day around - you're bound to try something new this summer, and it will stick with you forever.


Camp is full of people from all over the world.

Everything from your local American camp counselor to those travelling from far off lands like Australia. You'll feel like you've known each other a lifetime by the end of summer and the memories you make together will be amongst your favorite. Becoming friends with international staff members gives you so many reasons to travel to these new places because now you’ve a camp buddy living there, bonus! 


The nice weather

We all know here in Ireland our summers are far from the glorious sunshine you get in the USA. As a nation, we love bragging about our tan lines, but not much chance of getting an impressive tan through the rain. Why not head down to the waterfornt, lay out your towel, grab factor 20 (Okay...50), and start catching some rays. Be careful of the typical camp tan lines though - those friendship bracelets and crocs leave some funny marks! 


Walmart, Applebees, Dunkin’ Donuts and Froyo

These are just some of those iconic American names we’ve heard of or seen in some blockbuster movies. Now you have the chance to see what all the fuss is about. We love making a bucket list at the beginning of camp, and ticking off another American classic on every day off. Just made sure to use the buddy system in Walmart - it's way too easy to get lost


Camp becomes your family

Within the first few days of camp, you’ve already begun to realise that it’ll be a tough place to leave at the end of summer. Camp becomes a family and going to camp is like going to your home from home. The goodbyes will be hard, but they'll be worth every happy memory you've made at camp. You'll come away with timeless stories, and you'll be dying to sign back up for next summer the second you come home. 


Living in the camp bubble

The hustle and bustle of a city, the constant updates on social media can all be a bit too much at times. Welcome to the camp bubble. You don’t need your phone or social media to communicate, it’s back to good old days of talking face to face. You'll find this strange at first, but soon you'll realise you're far more focused and relaxed than ever before. 


Your days off at camp

Days off at camp are amazing! They give you the chance to explore the local areas with all your camp buddies; have a picnic beside the local waterfall or treat yourself in one of the many outlet shopping centres. You'll never run out of things to do, so take advantage of your time off and see as much as you can! Although, as you grow closer to your campers you'll find yourself missing them. Nothing beats a group hug when you get back to camp!


Being a kid again

At camp you’re not just a counselor, you're also become a camper. Dancing on the dining hall tables, singing at the top of your lungs at camp fire and dressing up like nobody's watching are all just part of the life of a camp counselor. You'll have the courage of a hundred campers behind you, so you'll find yourself easily making a fool of yourself and loving every second of it! 


Travel America

You have 30 days to travel after camp. Not only do you get to spend the whole summer at awesome US summer camp, but after you have 30 days to travel the US. West coast to the east coast and everything inbetween; it's yours to conquer. #Wanderlust 


Memories that will stick for life.

Ultimately, and everyone who's been to camp will agree, camp sticks with you for life. The epic days off, the way the campers had a positive effect on you, the amazing friends you meet, the life lessons you learned and the insane travelling you got to do after camp. Nothing beats it. It really is the best J1 there could be. 


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of reasons spending a summer at USA summer camp is the best J1 there could be - just give the office a call and we'd be happy to list a few for you! Take advantage of your summer and sign up for this exciting, secure and incomparable experience. 


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