Our J1 program makes it affordable to work and travel in America. We don't expect payments straight away. We've broken down our pricing into instalments to make it quick and easy for you to secure your summer.

Includes work placement.

J1 Visa Sponsorship & Assistance

Paid Work Placement at a Summer Camp

90 days Medical Insurance

30 days option to travel after camp

Food & Accommodation at camp

Earn $1,400-$1,550 for the summer

Apply Now, Pay Later
€59 Deposit + 2 Instalments
€50 increase in Program Fees from 1st March 2017
3rd Party Fees
These are external legal costs additional to your program fee. Every company charges them, we're honest enough to show you them.
Police Check
FREE at your local Garda Station
Medical Check
€0-30 - Paid to your doctor
US Embassy Interview
€140 - ($160) Paid directly to US Embassy
€ Varies - Paid directly to travel agent / airline

FAQ's before you apply


Q.  Do I have to pay straight away?

A.  No. It's free to apply and have a telephone interview with us. If you're ready to fully commit to the program, we can then take the €59 deposit.

Q.  How much are flights?

A.  Applying and getting placed earlier can help open up cheaper flight deals. You can get flights between €450-€500.

Q.  What is the next stage after applying?

A.  You'll create a personal profile for camps to view.  Almost an online CV which shows off all your skills, education, a pic of you, your likes & dislikes etc.  It's a chance to show off and introduce yourself to camps who will want to hire you.



Q.  Other companies have included flights in their package, but the price is €899.

A.  Remember, they will also pay over $400 less in the USA.  We pay the highest wages in the industry in Ireland, so our package works out better for you.

Q.  Are there any costs not listed above?

A.  No. We pride ourself on making sure you're fully aware of every cost.  We can't speak for other companies who may charge items further down the line.

Q.  How does Camp Leaders differ from other J-1 America jobs?

A.  Camp Leaders gurantees a job before you leave Ireland.  It's panic free, so you know where your job is, what state you'll work and takes away any risk before you leave for America.

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