Our J1 program makes it affordable to work and travel in America. It's FREE to register.

No hidden fees. Just a great price for the best J1 Summer.

Includes J1 Job

Paid J1 Summer Job at Summer Camp

Profile Review an Interview with our National Team

J1 Visa Sponsorship & Assistance

90 days Medical Insurance

30 days to travel and see America

Expertise, Admin and Customer Service

Access to Job Fairs, Online and In Person

Food & Accommodation at Camp - Worth Over $2,000

Earn up to $1,600 for the Summer

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Just €59 Deposit
Meet our Summer Camps at our Exclusive Dublin Placement Fair in January 2018
Processing Fees
We want you to know these fees up front. All make sure you go to America.
DS2019 Visa Processing Fee
Police Check
Medical Check
US Embassy Interview
€140 ($160)

FAQs Before You Apply


Q.  How do I pay my deposit?

A.  There are two simple ways to pay your deposit. If you're ready to fully commit to the program, you can pay your €59 deposit online through your Camp Leaders Profile or over the phone with our team.


Q.  Can you explain the fees in more detail?

A.  Your fees can be broken down into the following amounts which cover specific areas of the application process:

  • €59 Deposit is to confirm your place on the program and secure your National Support Team Profile Review 

  • €100 Instalment allows us to share your application to our 500+ camps and helps you pay off some of your fees

  • The remaining fees can be paid by direct debit, in a bulk amount or by smaller, simple instalments - whichever is best for you

  • €50 DS2019 Visa Processing Fee, payable once your visa paperwork is ordered.  This officially means you have received your visa paperwork to work in America! 


Q.  How do Camp Leaders differ from other J1 American job Companies?

A.  Camp Leaders guarantees your J1 before you fly to America We offer support from our office in Dublin throughout your application. We also host the largest J1 Placement Fair in Ireland where you can meet your future J1 employer. 



Q.  Is my deposit refundable?

A.  Once you have paid your deposit, we start immediately working on your application moving it forward towards the Ready to Hire stage. We use the money from your deposit to cover the costs for your National Support Team Profile Review as well as additional admin fees. Due to these actions put towards helping you become an hireable applicant, we cannot issue a refund for your deposit if you change your mind about the program.


Q.  How do I apply for my processing paperwork?

A. Our team can help you with all of your processing paperwork. Our step by step guides are available on your Camp Leaders Profile.  

  • Your Police Check is FREE at your local Garda Station

  • You have a standard medical form to download from your profile, which we require your GP to complete.

  • Your US Embassy Interview is booked and paid for directly through the US Embassy in Dublin

  • Return Flights are bought directly from your travel agent or airline


Q.  Do you have any payment plans?

A.  Yes. We have a selection of affordable monthly direct debit plans available on the payment section of your profile. These plans vary in cost and length depending on your budget.




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