Returning to your camp for another summer means lower application costs and higher wages!

Heading back to your summer camp can only mean that you are setting yourself up for another incredible J1 in a place that you now call your home away from home. Why would you think of going anywhere else?


Applying as a returner with Camp Leaders means a very quick and simple application, fewer fees to pay and the opportunity to negotiate your wages with your camp director. Your camp will pay the $35 SEVIS fee directly to Camp Leaders. They will pay £0 placement/administration fee to Camp Leaders which means you should be paid the same as any American staff member.


As a camp returner, you will still receive 90 days medical insurance, 24/7 support whilst you’re working and travelling in America and also all the J1 Visa Sponsorship and Assistance you received as a first-time camp staff member





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Log in to your existing Camp Leaders account

If you loved spending your summer in the USA, you can get started as soon as your hit Irish Soil. Once you log into your application you will move to a brand new Returners account. 



Summer Camp

Touch base with your camp & renew your camp contract 

Your camp must approve your placement as a returner. It's a great time to speak about your future role and discuss your wages. 



Pay Camp Leaders

Secure your place by having a quick phone call with the team & paying your €99 deposit

Once you’ve paid your deposit, we will get in touch with you and send your application to camp to confirm your placement online.


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