What is Summer Camp?

An experience like no other

Summer Camp is a one off! It's the best, most popular J-1 work and travel program in Ireland. It's somewhere you can be that’s like no other. In America, camp is somewhere both children and sometimes adults go to enjoy the outdoors. It's a place to have fun, learn new skills, play games and grow as an individual. Camps love to employ international staff to assist camp in running the summer. Each year Ireland's amazing students and young folk go to camp, to work and travel for the summer. 9 times out of 10 they return, because they're hooked. Summer Camp is in their blood.

Guaranteed Job

Enjoy the luxury of knowing where you are working, your job role and your location before you leave Ireland.

Food and Accommodation

You'll be housed for free at camp and will have 3 meals a day, so it's not just what you can eat but how much you can eat as well! 

Earn Money

With the wages you receive from camp you'll be able to shop, socialise and travel America.

Make Lifelong Friends

Everyone who goes to camp is just like you. You form a true friendship, with people from accross the globe.  Friends for life.

Camp Leaders & Summer Camps

This is the best place on earth.  We send over 6,000 people globally every year to America, to work at camp on the J-1 travel program. Camps are places where American children, and young adults spend their summer outdoors, enjoying games, playing sports, learning new skills and gaining the most incredible experiences. Camps love international staff to help run camp, which is why our expertise in the industry helps to fulfill this need.

Lead activities you love and get paid for it

An amazing part of a Camp Leaders J1 summer is that you are guaranteed a job that you love. Whatever your skills, hobbies and interests are, there's a place for them at camp. Activities at camp include landsports, performing arts, water sports and arts and crafts. Every single placement is paid so you are reassured knowing you have secured a job and set pay before you leave for America. 

Making Friendships for Life

Getting creative at summer camp

With incredible staff who all have the same fun loving attitude as you, you make friends quickly, and ones that last a lifetime.  Camp staff will come from Ireland, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Mexico.  You'll share a summer of fun and memories together.

Days off to See America and Road Trip

Camp run for 9 weeks during the summer. It's not all work as you'll get days off during the summer. Why not see more of America? Visit local cities, have a road trip, visit the mall, water parks, theme parks or anything else America has to offer.

The easiest and best way to Travel the States

You and your friends will have the opportunity to travel across America once camp finishes! You could stay with American friends at their beach house, take a road trip across the country, head to New York, see Niagara Falls, party in LA, laze around in Miami, or visit the Whitehouse.  Whatever you choose, it's completely up to you! 

Add skills and expertise to your CV

Climbing together at summer camp

Summer Camp is a summer of fun, but it's also an incredible addition to your CV.  Camps give you the chance to lead groups, take on responsibility and offer a job that stands out to all employers.  It's a great way of boosting your confidence, traveling and adding life skills. Camp really does give you the best summer of your life, alongside something you can be proud to add to your CV.

Value for Money

Many J1 programs offer the chance to go to America, unpaid, where you have 30 days to find a job. For your peace of mind Camp Leaders sets you on your way knowing your Camp, knowing your job role and knowing that you have paid work all summer at a world famous camp. Camp Leaders prides itself on the service it offers you, organising a J1 visa for you and setting you up for the summer. The value for money in the program, along with a job role that shines on your CV makes this program unrivaled.



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