The Best J1 Job Around

From Ireland to America

Spending the summer at a camp in America can be fun and rewarding for any person who is willing to work hard and share a part of themselves with others. Camp Leaders is looking for enthusiastic, flexible, motivated and respectful candidates who are excited to work with, and be a role model to, children.

Guaranteed Job

Unlike other J1's you have 30 days to find a job.  You'll know your camp months before you leave Ireland.

Guaranteed Income

Enjoy the peace of mind that you will earn loads of dollars during the summer.  See the States, shop till you drop or be a social bunny! 

4 months in America

Your J-1 visa allows you 4 months in America. Take full advantage of it without any worries.   Work at camp, then travel alone, or with friends.

Looks Awesome on your CV

Camp isn't just 4 amazing months in America. It also readys really well on your CV and will impress future bosses.

Why Summer Camp differs to other J1 Jobs:

  • You know your job before you leave Ireland
  • Minimum of $1400 upwards regardless of age ($600 - $800 more than any other companies minimum in Ireland)
  • Accommodation provided
  • Peace of mind & awesome customer service
  • An addition to your CV to be proud of
  • Experience and life skills to help your university course



Remember what's provided by Camp Leaders:

  • Your J1 Visa to work in America
  • Your Job
  • Accommodation
  • Food & Drink at Camp
  • Insurance for 90 days
  • Travel Opportunities after Camp


These items can cost a lot of money, so having them provided for you saves you a lot of money.

It's an unbeatable package and works out the best package around for money, experience and benefits.  




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