7.30 Wake Up

Rise and shine! The sound of a bugle, bell or horn as your alarm clock will quickly become a part of your daily routine. Time to get your campers ready for the day.

8.00 Raising of the Flag

Every morning the whole camp will gather around the flagpole for the Pledge of Allegiance. You'll get the chance to raise the flag with your cabin. 

8.15 Breakfast

Time to fill up on the most important meal of the day. Camps tend to provide a variety of breakfast options to suit everybody's diets. Eat up, you'll need to prepare for your day of activities.

8.50 Cabin Clean Up

After breakfast is over, you'll head your campers back to your cabin to clean up. The cleanest cabin usually wins a prize every week, so the kids can get very competitive. Plus their parents will be over the moon to know their kids are willing to take part!

9.30 Morning Activities

There are roughly five activity periods in a day. The kids will have loads of activities to choose from like water sports, adventure sports, performing arts or arts and crafts. During the summer you'll have the chance to do get involved with every activity at camp!

12.00 Lunch

Meals at camp aren't just about eating your food - they involve lots of singing, chanting and daily announcements. Every camp has their own traditional chants for you to follow.

13.00 Rest Period

Early afternoon will usually be the hottest time of the day (and trust us, American summers can reach up to 35 degrees). You'll get the chance to take time out to read, do something fun or rest up before the afternoon’s activities.

2.30 Afternoon Activities

Campers are taken to their second round of activities for the day. These will be completely different from what they were doing in the morning. Campers can get involved with anything from dance to swimming lessons. 

18.00 Dinner

Every meal at camp will be different, you'll get everything from American classics like corn dogs, sliders and Philly cheese steaks to spaghetti, pizza or a BBQ outdoors. 

19.30 After Dinner Activities

This is when the whole of camp comes together for group games, talent shows, discos or the summer camp traditional campfire. These tend to be the greatest part of summer camp, get stuck in whenever you can!

21.15 Lights Out

Lights Out is staggered depending on how old the kids are, so naturally the younger children go to bed slightly earlier. If you have a night off, you'll be free to chill out with the other staff.

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