Make your next stop on the east coast the hottest of them all; they don't call it 'Sunshine State' for nothing! Florida is one of the most exciting states in America, home to some of the top tourist destinations. Miami is one of the most popular J1 destinations; waving goodbye to camp is made easier when you can head straight to the trendiest and flashiest city of them all! With some of the top party destinations, Miami is also home to some of the world’s most relaxing beaches; giving you the best of both worlds. By day, chill out on the infamous Miami Beach, rated as one of the world’s best beaches. Take a stroll on the hot sand or a dip in the warm water while . If you've had enough relaxing for one summer make a pit stop at Miami Zoo. Hop on a safari tram tour or book a private tour and get up close with the zoo's friendly creatures! At night, visit one of the many world-renowed nightclubs, bars or lounges. With unlimited choices, you'll never be bored! Known for their high-energy hipster vibes, Miami offers the best party scene around!
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