New Orleans

New Orleans offers a relaxed and jazzy atmosphere, perfect for those who want to spend their days strolling through lively streets with artists and musicians on every corner. Step back in time and take in the distinct 18th Century inspired architecture. Don't miss the stunning three-tiered St. Louis Cathedral, overlooking Jackson Square in the heart of the French District; one of the cities most famous landmarks. You might notice as you make your way through the city that the cemeteries are big and bold (and a little eerie). It may sound a little crazy; but we recommend taking walk through the graveyards, as they are too impressive to miss. Take it one step further and book yourself into one of the many walking tours! If you are looking for a bite to eat you are in the right place! New Orleans has some mouth-watering dishes; a firm favorite with the locals is Po-Boys (known as ‘Poor Boys’); a crusty sandwich jam packed with fried gulf oysters or shrimp and slathered in mayo! One of the cities finest points is the 1300-acre City Park, perfect for a relaxing stroll! The park offers something for everyone; it's packed full with amenties. When night falls head down to Bourbon St where you'll find all the best live music in town. It’s where the majority of the city’s music scene is based and can draw big crowds of locals and travelers alike to see some of the biggest names in the jazz world. With all this to offer, New Orleans is one our favorites!
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