Application & Requirements


If you love working in the outdoors, if you love to travel and if you are passionate about taking care of children and teenagers – there really is no better way to spend your summer than working as a camp counselor in the USA!

We look forward to your application if you are a very open-minded and flexible person who can adapt easily to a new environment.

In addition to our requirements regarding age and availability (please have a look at the points on the right), you should have gained quite some experience in at least one of the typical camp activities, so you can teach the kids at camp new skills.

18+ years

You have to be at least 18 years old by 1 June 2017. Most of our participants are between 19 and 23 years old.

9 weeks

Since camps operate all summer, we expect from you that you are able to work at camp for at least 9 weeks.

June 18

Some summer camps start their staff training as early as May 1st, others as late as June 18. In order to take part in the program we require from you to be available no later than June 18. The earlier, the better!

August 15

You should be available to work at camp until at least August 15 (better: August 25).

English skills

We expect from you very good English language skills!

Additional Information

How you can apply in 5 steps:

1. Online Profile

The first step is straight forward: just hit the "Apply Now" button and follow the three simple steps to register your application. You’ll then have your own Camp Leaders profile which you can begin to fill out.


2. Skype-Interview

Once you’ve started your application, one of the lovely Camp Leaders team members will give you a call or send you an email to arrange your Video-Skype interview. The interview takes about 45 minutes and it is your chance to convince us that you are the perfect candidate for a camp counselor job. The interview has a 30€ deposit fee, which is refunded if you are unsuccessful, but don’t worry, over 95% of people interviewed are accepted onto the program. May the odds be ever in your favour...


3. Complete your Application

At this point, it’s just a case of you completing your application, doing a short video about yourself and getting all of your required documents in, including your police check, your medical form and your references.


4. Summer Camp Placement

Once your application is completed and all required documents uploaded, over 500 summer camps all across the USA will have access to your application. Depending on your skills, the quality of your application and your availability dates, you may get a job offer from a summer camp within 2-3 weeks or it may take a few months. Our participants get placed from November until the end of May.


5. Get your Visa

You’ll be travelling to the United States on a J-1 Cultural Exchange visa, so you’ll need arrange an interview with your local American embassy. After you have been placed at a camp, we'll send you all important information on the visa application procedure and support you along the way until you have your visa in your hands.



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