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How are the Camp Leaders fairs different?

We have an exceptional record with our Directors’ Fairs, providing camps with access to superb staff and hospitality second to none. All of our participants have been interviewed prior to the fairs and invited by our staff making the quality incredibly high.

Am I required to hire a certain number of participants?

Our fairs are about us strengthening our relationship with you, along with you finding great staff. We would never force a match. Camps who choose to hire at our fairs should do so with an intention to hire a reasonable number of staff. We suggest 10 participants.

How much does it cost?

You can travel with us for free!  Each camp receives a $800 flight credit, lodging and meals along the way.  Please contact us for the full details!

If I can't attend, can a local representative hire in my place?

We understand that our fairs may not always fit in with your calendar. If you have a representative who is fully entitled to make firm hiring decisions then we can offer you a ‘booth only’ option for our fairs

Do I have to hire on the spot or can I make a decision later?

We do ask that you make the decision on the spot to ensure that you don’t lose out on any great participants. 

Will I have to travel alone?

We will be there to support you when you need us, but you’ll also have time to explore our cities, relax and catch up with old friends and returning staff.

How many participants attend the fairs?

The number of participants at the fairs varies by location. Our largest fairs take place in the UK with 500+ participants  attending both the Liverpool and London fairs. All participants are pre-screened and interviewed prior to meeting with you.