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London is an entire world within a city. It’s beautiful and flawed, common yet royal and so ‘very British.’ The city is a treasure chest full of world famous landmarks; Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and The London Eye just to name a few. It is a maze that captures you with it’s character, the people, the architecture, the history. At the end of the day in London you’ll understand why everyone takes a minute to find a good pub and enjoy a nice cold pint. 



With nearly half a million students, London houses a whopping 43 universities, many of which are internationally recognised as some of the most prominent universities in the world. The city is also home to some of the most prominent sports, music and film events and in 2012 became the only city in to hold the Olympics for a third time. The city’s famous rail system, the London Underground is the oldest underground rail network on the planet.




Manchester is a city with swagger, which it used to change the face of British music through it’s world famous bands. It isn’t just known around the world for its music scene or David Beckham’s right foot though, It’s waterfront rivals the best of the best in the UK, and Manchester’s Chinatown is the largest in Europe. 





Glasgow has become of Europe’s most vibrant and dynamic cities, a cultural hub bursting with live music, history, art, food, sport and of course… Glaswegian people. Nowhere in the world has a sense of humor quite like Glasgow.  Put Glasgow’s ‘banter’ aside for just one minute and you’ll find a city full of life.  Glasgow is a perfect blend of internationally-acclaimed museums and galleries, stunning architecture, vibrant nightlife, fantastic shopping and a diverse array of restaurants and bars.





Walking the streets of Dublin is stepping back in time while savoring the pulse of a modern city.  The Irish know how to have fun, and you’ll be right there with them. Our Irish office is, in fact, the only company specializing in the camp industry in the country, offering exclusive exposure to the thousands of students who attend one of the dozens of universities and colleges.



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