Our camp leaders application process is smooth, easy and hassle free. Once your profile is online, checked by the experts and ready to go - we’ll be able to use all of your information, preferences and wishes to match you with your perfect American summer camp. The quicker you complete your summer camp application, the better - so what you waiting for. Let’s get cracking.


1. Apply Online

The first step is simple: just hit that apply button and follow the three simple steps to login / register your free application. You’ll then have your own Camp Leaders profile which you can begin filling out.


Once we receive your registered application, one of our friendly Camp Leaders team will give you a nice and casual, introductory welcome call to detail the next steps and answer any questions you may have.

We host incredible world wide job fairs. With your application you shall have the opportunity to attend for free.

We fly real life camp directors all the way from the US - they are looking to hire and you can meet them face to face. Secure yourself a placement on the spot.

At this point, it’s just a case of you completing that application -

Look here for tips and hints on a top notch profile.

This is where it starts to get exciting! We'll take over from here to start the process of matching you with one of the 500+ summer camps we work with across the USA.

The majority of placements are made using our online database, where camp directors can search all the applications. With our trusty placement team over in Austin, Texas who are in constant contact with camp directors to match you to the right camp.

At Camp Leaders, we run prep days up and down the country between the months of March and May to get you ready for your summer in the States. It’s also a great chance for you to meet people who will be going to the same camp as you.

It’s a great chance to:

  • Meet some of our awesome Camp Leaders team.

  • Meet your fellow Camp Leaders.

  • Discuss what to take to camp.

  • Discuss what to expect.

  • Discuss the 'Do's & Don'ts.

  • Travel - All the good stuff!

You’ll be going over to the States on a J1 Cultural Exchange visa, so you’ll need arrange your interview with the American embassy and head to the closest one to get your Visa.

We shall help and guide you all the way through. We shall -

  • Provide advice and guidelines on booking your appointment with the US Embassy.

  • Give you a checklist of what you will be required to take with you on the day.

You’ve completed the application process. All’s you’ve gotta do now is hop on that plane and let the memories begin. Let’s go!

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