Testimonials about Camp leaders summer camp jobs


Alexander Jackson (England) - 2011, Special Needs Camp

More than any other event in my life, camp has changed me as a person forever. Working in the States has lead to a new career path at university, involved me in new sports and hobbies as well as given me future job opportunities that I would never have previously dreamed of. Camp Leaders have accommodated my every need; when I first applied I was travelling in Thailand and they even offered to interview me by skype in my own time! They have been supportive and helpful in my every request, I could not have asked for more! Go to camp for a summer abroad, it will be the best decision you ever make.


Sofia Maurer (Mexico) - 2011, Agency Camp

First I wasn´t totally sure about going to camp for the summer. When I found Camp Leaders, everything was so easy, so I decided to do it just to see what was it. Now I´m back and I´m TOTALLY sure that it was the best summer ever! The children were great, the staff was great, all the new friends I have are great... everything was great! And I´m actually going back next year. So, if you are not totally sure (as I was before), just do it, you won´t regret!!


Ashleigh Cruickshank (Scotland) - 2011, Girl Scouts Camp

If anyone is having doubts or thinking "should I, should I not" do this, I couldn't recommend this enough. It's literally changed my life and this time last year I was debating whether it was worth it. I didn't miss home because camp becomes home, I made friends that'll last a lifetime and made memories that'll never fade AND I'm going back next year and want to keep going back again and again.


Francesca Woolf (Wales) - 2011, YMCA Camp

The information and support that I was given by Camp Leaders really helped me to prepare for my summer at camp and make it a stress-free process.


Juan Sebastian Baron (Colombia) - 2010, Faith Based Camp

Camp really changes people's lives. And that´s what happened to me. Camp Leaders helped me to have a work experience abroad and being camp counselor was the best choice I could ever had. I lived one of the best summer of my entire life, I met amazing people from all over the world and I got the chance to share a bit of my country and my culture with campers and my co counselors. Now, in a little town at Northern Illinois, a bunch of people knows how to dance salsa and vallenato, move their hips like Shakira and smile every day as we do.


Amy Greer Murphy (Ireland) - 2010, Private, Girls Camp

The support I got from Camp Leaders was invaluable. I love that they were available to help me while I was at camp and still answered all of my questions. Aside from the support I got, I also feel that they did their very best to make sure I got placed and I felt like they had a vested interest in me. They made sure I was fully prepared, and the Preparation Day helped so much. I really couldn't recommend Camp Leaders highly enough.


David Steward (England) - 2010, Private, Co-ed Camp

Fantastic customer service. Genuinely interested, and extremely helpful. Prompt replies with coherent answers.


Belinda Hughes (Australia) - 2010, Girl Scouts Camp

Camp was absolutely fantastic, I had the time of my life and cannot wait until next year to do it all over again. It has honestly been a completely life changing experience for me! The staff at Camp Leaders were fantastic, I had lots of questions about pre-camp travel, and visas, and they were super helpful and ensured I was comfortable. Lots of fun at prep day too!


Eliza Doherty (Ireland) - 2010, Special Needs Camp

Thank you sooooooooooo much for this amazing opportunity! I love my camp! The people are amazing and it's an experience of a lifetime. I'm working as a lifeguard and a counselor. Hope to come back next year again.


Helen Loughran (England) - 2010, Agency, Co-ed Camp

Hi Chloe - I had my Embassy appointment on Tuesday and I just wanted to say...WOW!! It was very clear inside and outside of the embassy that anyone with Camp Leaders was about a million times more prepared than anyone with any of the other agencies. All your instructions were bang on, meaning that the day itself was very straightforward and stress free, so a big THANK YOU to everyone involved! Hope you have a good summer

Marta Prieto (Germany) - 2010, Private, Co-ed Camp

Summer at Camp was just amazing. I slept outside all summer, breathed fresh air 24/7, saw shooting stars and hummingbirds. I spent a lot of time singing, and, being a lifeguard, in the lake. I fell in love with smores, garden taccos and Camp life. I went horseback riding and mountain boarding, met people from all over and made new friends. Pretty close to perfect: except for the fact that it was over at some point.
The decision to go there was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. A big thank you to Camp Leaders for making the whole organisational process so easy, and for always being there when I had questions.


Renee Fielder (Australia) - 2010, Agency, Co-ed Camp

From day one there were never any problem getting my information off Camp Leaders in reference to my camp application for Camp. I was one of the most annoying people to have as a customer too, I had put everything off to the last minute but Camp Leaders still managed to get me on my flight and into the best camp experience I could have ever asked for... The people at Camp were more than I could have hoped for. They made me feel so welcome, as if I had found a home away from home. The children I got to interact with on a day to day basis were just amazing, and the other councillors were some of the best people I have ever met... most, if not all of them I will remain friends with forever. What an amazing experience... Thank you so much for all of your help.


Matthew Bainborough (England) - 2009, Private, Boys Camp

Amazing personnel, always approachable with any question I asked.. even the stupid ones. Great Great Great!


Natasha Meyer (South Africa) - 2007, Special Needs Camp

I worked at a special needs camp. It truly was and is the best experience I have ever had! I was a programmer at camp for the Outdoor Education and Barn and Garden program. Although activities had to be very simple for campers abilities, I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and time spent with these adults and children. Camp has shown me how important it is to give those who are "otherwise abled" an opportunity to do things like swim in a lake or climb a tree house. These people seldom get such opportunities. To see how people had constructed a tree house which allowed for someone who has cerebral palsy and cannot climb themselves can be hoisted up and enjoy being 10m above the ground was very humbling.


Adam Spychal (England) - 2006, Private, Co-ed Camp

Camp leaders truly changed my life. It was the best summer ever. I also found the Camp Leaders staff incredibly helpful and supportive.