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Get ready for summer.

Camp Leaders Prep Days

Everything you need to know about your summer in America, all from home.

Lots of work went into making our new online prep days a personal, informative day of preparing you for America.

Even though, sometimes, it doesn't quite go to plan, like our blooper video shows...

Your virtual Prep Day will cover what to pack, travel arrangements, insurance and documents, life at camp, after camp travel, and more.

How it works

1. You'll get a link from us.
2. Watch the videos.
3. Fill in the questionnaire.

It's that easy. Once you've got the link, you'll be able to complete your Prep Day online.

Coming soon.

We're still working on finalizing the Prep Day.

You'll receive the link directly, and be able to complete it at your own pace.

Prep Day FAQ's

Are the Prep Days mandatory?

Yes - attending a Prep Day is a mandatory component of the J1 visa program.

What are the Prep Days about?

The Prep Days are a mandatory part of your J1 visa sponsorship, and they help you get fully prepared for your summer in the USA.

What if I have questions about or during the Prep Day?

We're here to answer all your questions! Feel free to get in touch with a Camp Leaders team member via email.

Will there be in-person Prep Days?

For 2024, we've decided to host all of our Prep Days online.

What topics will be covered?

We'll cover a range of topics, including your visa documentation, what to pack, what happens upon arrival, how camp works, post-camp travel, and more.

What if I haven't been placed at a camp?

If you haven't found your summer home yet, don't worry. You'll need to complete your Prep Day anyways, so continue to move ahead and get your Prep Day ticked off your to-do list.

You're one step closer.