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Es gibt ein Camp für alle.

Die 2024 Online Hiring Fair

Wir bringen dir Amerika näher.

5 - 7 Mar

Möchtest du kommenden Sommer nach Amerika für dein ultimates Abenteuer reisen? Melde dich für unser virtuelles Event an: Die Camp Leaders Online Hiring Fair.

Es ist deine Chance mit amerikanischen Camp Direktoren zu sprechen, vor Ort eingestellt zu werden und deine Sommerpläne an einem Tag zu sortieren. Vertrau uns - das willst du nicht verpassen!

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Sichere dir frühzeitig ein Placement.

Lerne amerikanische Camp Direktoren kennen und stell Fragen zu ihren Camps - und hab die große Chance, sofort eingestellt zu werden.

Hol dir deinen Vorsprungen bei deinen Sommerplänen. Vier von fünf Personen, die sich für die Camp Leaders Online Hiring Fair anmelden, werden vor Ablauf des Tages eingestellt!

Nimm an unserer Online Hiring Fair teil. Finde dein Camp. Interviews. Lass dich vor Ort einstellen. Verbringe deinen Sommer in Amerika.

Melde dich jetzt an, um dir deinen Platz für die Online Fair zu sichern und benachrichtigt zu werden, wenn das Camp-Lineup bekanntgegeben wird. Camp Line-Up kommt bald.

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5 Mar - 7 Mar

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Online Hiring Fair FAQs

What are Online Hiring Fairs?

The Camp Leaders Online Hiring Fairs are the biggest summer camp hiring events of the year - for good reason. It's the one time of year that hundreds of American summer Camp Directors lock in at their laptops, with their time dedicated to hiring people like you for camp. Camps will list the skills they're looking for, so you'll be able to speak with whichever camps you choose - and once you receive your job offer, it's time to celebrate.

Camp Leaders organise our Online Hiring Fairs to maximise your potential to get hired on the spot. 4 out of 5 people who attend an Online Hiring Fair are hired before they leave, with the remainder having their application on review with a camp.

When do the hiring fairs start?

Online hiring fairs tend to start around 10am, allowing camp directors as much availability as possible to hire superstars for their camp.

Running throughout the day means there's normally a lot of slots available to book interviews but these do book quickly, so keep checking in with your chosen camps to make sure you give yourself the chance to impress.

Who will I be talking to?

This one is entirely up to you.

You'll be able to speak to whichever camps you're interested in, with the option to book multiple interviews available through the system. Camps are equally as excited to chat to enthusiastic potential staff, so it's a friendly, open, and fun environment; feel free to bring your chatty side.

What are they like?

You'll kick-start your ultimate summer with the ultimate planning party. The online hiring fairs puts your right in front of the right people and at the right time, making it the easiest possible route in securing a role.

if there's anything that will get you excited to go to America, this is it.

Many people expect the environment at a Online Hiring Fair to be high-pressured and stressful (after all, it is a job interview) and slightly 'weird' with it being online. But we're Camp Leaders, and that's just not how we roll. It's not a competition - there are way too many roles to fill for that and we're chilled people. You'll have lots of choice, and so will everyone else.

Plus, being online helps save you time in needing to go to a major city for an in-person event, meaning the time you've gained back can go on preparing for that all-important interview instead.

How do they work?

By registering for the Online Hiring Fair event through your Camp Leaders profile, you'll have the ability to start booking interviews directly with individual camps. The simple to use system means you'll then enter a waiting room prior to your interview starting.

The interview is quite informal, as Camp Directors just want to get to know you and find out if you'd be a good fit for their camp. If you are, you'll be offered a job - but if not, that's totally okay! Just keep speaking to camps until you find the right one. It may take you a few tries, but it's worth the wait.

Once you've been offered a job, it's time to celebrate - call your friends and family to let them know the big news! Afterward, you can start making plans for your summer.

Sichere dir frühzeitig ein Placement.