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Summer camp made easy.

How it works

1. Apply online

Your first step - hit the apply button to create your profile and start your application for your summer camp in America experience.

Before you apply, you might want to check out what roles are available at camp and whether you're eligible for Camp Leaders.

Apply now
2. Pay your deposit

You don't need to pay everything in one go.

To save yourself a place on Camp Leaders, all you need to do is pay your deposit.

Find out more about our pricing
3. Book your interview

We'll let you know your next steps, answer your questions, and book an interview.

Your interview will be a fairly relaxed chat with one of our friendly National Team interviewers, who've all been to camp themselves.

Read our interview guide
4. Complete your application

Fill in the new sections of your application, and upload all of your completed documents.

You can now list your work experience, education, and any skills you might want to teach at camp. Your documents include your police check, medical form, and references.

Read our application guide
5. Interview with camp

The moment(s) of truth; your interview with a camp.

With your application live, summer camps from around America will approach you to setup an interview (or, in the case of our Hiring Fairs, you can approach them). They'll organise a date and time for an online interview, one which will decide if this camp is your new home for the summer.

Be prepared, be professional, but most importantly, be you.

Read our hiring fair guide
6. Get hired

The moment you've been waiting for - you've found your camp. You're going to America!

This can take anywhere from 24 hours - 3 months. The average time for someone to find their camp is 31 days. Don't worry if it takes longer than you expected.

After you've confirmed your place at camp, we'll confirm your flights, insurance, and other details.

7. Get your visa

You'll have a quick interview at the American Embassy to get your official J1 Cultural Exchange visa to the USA.

We’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Read our embassy day guide
8. Attend a prep day

Get ready for camp at a fun and informative session - and meet others who are going to America this summer with Camp Leaders.

We'll run these in-person sessions between March and May, to make sure you're fully ready for your American adventure. It's a great chance to ask any questions you have as well.

Read our preparation day guide
9. Fly to America

You've sorted your summer in 7 easy steps - all there's left to do is enjoy it! Hop on that plane and let the summer roll.

You won't be flying alone - we'll match you with others who are heading to your camp, so you'll make some new mates before you even arrive.

Read our flight guide

Ready to get started?

Do I have to have a face to face visa interview?

A face-to-face visa interview is part of the J1 visa requirements - but don't worry, we're a friendly bunch. We'll give you support and guidance, and answer any questions you may have. Odds are, you'll leave your interview even more excited for camp than you already were.

Can I choose which camp I'm going to?

You can't directly choose your camp, but you can certainly influence where you get placed! Let us know your skills and preferences in as much detail as possible, and we'll help match you with a camp that suits you - the more detail you give, the more we can show camps that you'd be a great addition to their summer staff.

Remember, it's a summer job, so you'll need to be hired by a camp in order to be placed there. Through our Online Hiring Fairs, you can even highlight certain camps you'd love to interview with, again narrowing down where you could go. You'll always be able to meet your Camp Director, and find out more about the camp, before you accept any offer and confirm your placement - but we're sure you'll love them.

How do I find out which camp I'm going to?

Once you pay your deposit, you'll be able to fill out a few new sections in your application. When those are complete, Camp Directors will be able to see your application and hire you!

Can I apply if I don't live in the UK?

Yes - we have 15 offices around the world, so we'll likely be able to help you with your application. However, there can be some limitations for residents of some countries based on US visa regulations. Give us a call if you're interested, and we can help get your summer sorted!

Can I go to camp with a friend?

We'll get you both to camp, but it may or may not be the same camp. Some camps are happy to hire friends, whereas others prefer to hire individuals. It all depends on which camps get in touch with you.

Even if you don't go to the same camp, you can meet up for your 30 days to travel after camp.

Go with the Leaders.