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A camp for everyone.

Types of summer camp

Leaders come in all shapes, sizes, abilities, & types. So do our camps.

We partner with an incredible variety of camps, all across America, so you've got endless possibilities this summer. You'll be able to tell us which type of camp suits you, so we can make sure you'll end up at a camp where you'll thrive.

All of our camps are either privately owned and operated, or run by non-profit agencies. Many camps will also fit into other categories, so whoever runs your camp, you'll have a summer to remember.

Types of summer camps in America:

Summer camps will fall under a combination of the following categories:

  • Traditional
  • Specialist: sports, art, tech, & wilderness
  • Special Needs
  • Active faith-based
  • Campers from underprivileged backgrounds
  • Rustic & outdoor
  • Gender specific

We work with summer camps in all 50 states. Summer camp in Hawaii? We've got it.

Traditional camps

Picture a traditional summer camp in America.

You're probably seeing wooden cabins, campfires, and activities on the lake and in the woods. You're right on the money - many of these camps have long histories, so you'll be part of a beloved summer tradition.

The most common type of summer camp, traditional camps epitomize the summer camp experience. Many of the following groups of camps will fit under this section as well - to head to one of these camps, fill in the preferences section of your application!

Learn more about traditional camps

Specialist camps

These summer camps have a specific theme or focus, and provide a higher level of teaching, coaching, or training in that activity.

These camps typically look for activity leaders who are skilled in their activity and confident that they can help campers develop as well. More often than not, these camps will be privately owned and operated.

Activities may include: art, sports, media & tech, wilderness and more.

Every one of our camps is handpicked by our US based team who visit them each summer.

Special needs camps

Special needs summer camps allow everyone to join in on the fun.

These camps are properly equipped for everyone to allow campers to join in with activities, from ropes courses to horse riding.

The facilities and activities have been created to be accessible to children of all abilities and to give campers who may not be able to partake in other camps, the opportunity to flourish and shine.

Learn more about special needs camps

Faith-based camps

These camps are built around developing good values. Our Jewish and Christian camps include a whole range of activities, and the level of faith practiced at these camps varies from discussing scripture to just simple prayers before meals.

Religious camps aren't just about teaching faith - activities at these camps cover the whole range, from sports to waterfront and lots more.

Learn more about faith-based camps

Most camp types also fit into the traditional camp category - so feel free to add other camp types to your application preferences.

Underprivileged campers

These camps provide summer camp opportunities for children who may not otherwise be able to go.

These camps are specifically meant for campers from underprivileged backgrounds - so you'll be making a huge difference. Often run by non-profit agencies, these camps most often fit into the traditional summer camp category. You'll make a big difference, and still have an incredible summer camp experience.

Rustic & outdoor camps

Prepare for a next-level summer camp experience. If you're adventurous, bold, and immersive, you'll get the most out of a rustic summer camp.

You'll disconnect from technology by focusing on connecting with other campers and staff during your outdoor activities, such as climbing or leading an outdoor trip. It might sound crazy - but it might be the best summer you ever have.

Learn more about rustic & outdoor camps

Boys or girls camps

Easily the most underrated camp type. These camps are almost always traditional camps, run by agencies like Girl Scouts of America, and have all the regular activities, except that campers and counselors are limited to one gender.

These camps typically partner with a neighboring camp of the opposite gender, with social gatherings together during the summer. Outside of that, though, these camps have a different vibe to regular camps - the added social pressure that happens around the opposite gender just doesn't seem to exist. This means that boys can be boys, and girls can let their hair down - it's a pressure-free summer.

How the camps work.

Private camps:

These camps are privately owned and operated, and cover the full range of the camp types above - from traditional to specialist & more.

Private summer camps are an American tradition - so you'll be part of a story that stretches back for more than 100 years. In many cases, these camps are still owned and operated by the original families who founded them.

Agency camps:

Agency-run summer camps also cover the entire range of the camp types above - the only difference is how they're owned and operated.

These camps are often just like traditional private camps, but are operated by not-for-profit groups or external agencies. Many of these camps will fit into the traditional type, but they also commonly cover special needs and underpriveleged background camps.

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Can I choose which camp I go to?

You can't directly choose your camp, but you can certainly influence where you get placed! Let us know your skills and preferences in as much detail as possible, and we'll help match you with a camp that suits you - the more detail you give, the more we can show camps that you'd be a great addition to their summer staff.

Remember, it's a summer job, so you'll need to be hired by a camp in order to be placed there. You'll always be able to meet your Camp Director, and find out more about the camp, before you accept any offer and confirm your placement - but we're sure you'll love them.

Where are your camps?

We have camps in all 50 states across America. Some areas are more densely populated with camps due to the history and natural landscapes. For example, we've got over 100 camps in New York State alone.

How do you pick the camps you work with?

Each member of our dedicated US team has been to camp and experienced running a camp themselves. We personally handpick all of our camps, to ensure they're a suitable match for the Camp Leaders program. Each year, we review our camps and get feedback from everyone who attended, to make sure we only work with the best out there.

Do I need different qualifications to work at different types of camps?

No - however, you may need different qualifications for different roles at camp. For example, if you want to be a climbing instructor, you may need real experience teaching alongside some climbing certifications - but if you're interested, apply anyway.

Is the accommodation the same at each camp?

Facilities do vary across camps - however, we make sure they all meet a set standard that are suitable for Camp Leaders to live in.

Do I get days off at each type of camp?

Yes. The timetables will vary across different camps and roles, but everyone will get a set amount of days to off to explore America and rest.

Do I need to be practicing a faith to go to a Jewish or Christian camp?

No! Some faith-based camps may prefer you to be of a specific faith, or be actively practicing - but most often, they hire people based solely on personality or skill and if you're willing to work at faith-based camp.

How many children attend a summer camp?

The amount of camp attendees can vary greatly depending on the size of the camp. You'll be able to ask your Camp Director more about this during your interview!