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2020 is going to be Your year!

What is Travel More?

What you need to know about your flight ticket

The Camp Leaders / Resort Leaders program fee includes your plane ticket with New York as the returning city. But why would this be enough once you are already there? Everything will be just a grasp away.

If you like to travel, you’ve come to the right place.

With Camp Leaders you have a unique opportunity to choose - at a discount price – a returning destination different from New York. Travel More!

Choose from countless American cities, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean or anything you wish.

Awesome value for the fair price

In 2019 54% of our participants chose a returning city different from New York.

In fact, 48% of those who requested a change during the summer in the returning flight chose a different city to fly home from. They all thought that it would have had been better for them if they had asked for a different city in the first place!

Why choose travel more?

Aside from the unforgettable experiences:

  • You will save the the price of the one-way ticket within America (if you go home from New York, you will have to get there)

  • You will keep the minimum of 25 USD of baggage fee (the baggage fee is not included in the US domestic flight ticket prices)

  • You don’t have to take risks with the hidden expenses (often when you buy online, the price doesn’t include additional charges that you will need to pay at the airport)

  • No extra transfer expenses (taxi, shuttle, public transport to get to the airport)

  • Instead of waiting, you can spend your time having new experiences (the additional travel to the New York takes a surprisingly lot of time)

A few ideas

  • Miami 110
  • Washington / Chicago 60
  • Las Vegas / SFO / L.A. 150

  • Orlando 120

  • Honolulu 220

  • Toronto / Montreal 80

  • Vancouver 150

  • Punta Cana 130

  • Cancun 120

How to book?

On the profile created with your registration you simply give the city of your choice with the desired date.

Afterwards we send you an email /give you a call to fix the expenses and details. You will have time and a chance to change before we book your ticket.

So the process is not only simple and fast, but also free of risk!

Some important rules

  • Changing travel dates costs a minimum of EUR 100 (determined by the airline)

  • Changing the city can come with an additional charge

  • The chosen date and place can only be changed in accordance with the schedule of the airline

  • Your airline will be selected by your onward travel to your camp/resort

Let us plan your travels


Levente Gyori

Stop for a second and take it all in. You must be a time millionaire because Canada has a lot of these moments when you are standing there peacefully and in awe.


Emese Buglyó

Hawaii has always been my dream destination, and I still can’t believe I had the chance to visit some of the islands in the company of my best friends. Hiking all day and then watching the sunset in one of the many breathtaking beaches of Hawaii is something that everyone should experience. So dream big, work for it and make it happen!


Dorina Rituper

Travel with less plans and more freedom! This is the motto of a lazy, unprepared distinctional group of people who had the best time of their lives. We could not be more grateful that we had this life changing opportunity.

Travel More by spending less!