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Meet the team

Every one of our expert team members has worked a job at summer camp in America. On top of that, every year we get your honest feedback on our camps to make sure we work with only the best camps America has to offer.

We believe summer camp can change your life... well, it did for all of us. And we will go the extra mile to make your journey as easy, fun and smooth as possible.

Full support for your summer camp experience.

Who are we?

We're here to help you have the summer of your life doing what you love.

Together we've spent hundreds of summers in America, so you can turn to us with any questions you may have.

We provide you full support from the moment you decide to apply.

To make the first steps easier, we created an application guide, so after you get through that, you can start planning your summer.

If you want to meet the Camp Directors and get hired on the spot you can register for the job fairs, and to give you an idea about post-camp travelling, you can check out our travel tips and the after camp perks.

Our UK team are here to support you on your journey to the US.

UK & Ireland Director

Camp: URJ Crane Lake Camp

I’m Jess. I spent 3 summers at URJ Crane Lake camp in Massachusetts where I worked as a nature specialist then as a staff engagement coordinator. I worked closely with the staff team ensuring a smooth transition to summer camp life and helping them become the best counselors they could be for the children. It was a really rewarding role. My favourite thing about America is the different landscapes. Some of my favourites are the rolling hills of the Berkshires, the mountains of Yosemite and the red stone of Sedona.

Customer Travel Advisor

Camp: Camp Kinder Ring

I went to Camp Kinder Ring in New York for 6 unforgettable summers and it became my home away from home. I worked as a group leader, where I was in charge of one age group of children for the whole summer. The role was extremely rewarding and it was incredible to see how much the children grew each summer at camp. Some of my highlights from going to camp were the evening activities by the lake, the bbq's and of course, the sunsets. Camp turned me into the person I am today and I am so grateful to be given the opportunity to send our amazing participants to America each summer!

Customer Engagement Advisor

Camp: New York YMCA Camp

Hey there! I was lucky enough to spend 3 magical summers at New York YMCA camp. This was hands down the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. This was the perfect stepping stone for travelling, after my 3rd summer I decided to travel for 2 years with my best friend from camp and were able to stay at friends places on my travels who we had met at camp from different countries. It’s safe to say camp truly changed my life. It was the best thing I’ve ever done! I can’t wait to support you with your camp journey, who knows what amazing experiences you’ll have.

Senior Customer Support

Camp: Camp Kanata

I spent 6 summers at YMCA Camp Kanata in North Carolina. I started as a general Counselor in 2013, then moved to the leadership team working with our Day Camp. I loved spending time in the Boone mountains and also exploring the South, eating some of the best barbecue and listening to country music. I would also recommend The Grand Canyon as I must for your bucket list!

Senior Customer Support & Visa Coordinator

Camp: Camp Lincoln and Lake Hubert

Hey, I’m Becky! I’ve spent 3 summers at camp, including being a counselor, head of horse riding, and program director. It's fair to say I’m passionate about camp! Camp truly brings out the best version of myself and I have so much to thank it for. My favourite thing about the US is definitely the variety of bagels and chicken wings!!

Customer Support Advisor

Camp: Camp Hazen YMCA

Hi I'm Lin:) I had an amazing summer at Camp Hazen YMCA. I worked at the waterfront as a swim and watersport instructor. I made a lot of awesome friends and met so many lovely kids, and the Hazen cookies are the best! It's truly an unforgettable summer! At Camp Leaders, I'm responsible for all the Returnee applications in the UK.

Customer Travel Advisor

Camp: Camp Starlight

I spent 4 summers at Camp Starlight in Pennsylvania as a Swimming Specialist and Lifeguard. I met the most amazing people, made friends for life at camp and was being able to teach what I love in the most incredible scenery. My favourite things about the USA are New York style Pizza and the music scene in Nashville!

Customer Service Advisor

Camp: Camp Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA

Hey, I’m Erin! I spent summer 2022 at Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA as a Day Camp Counselor, it was truly incredible! Camp has allowed me to experience so many unbelievable memories, meet great kids and also make friends for life. My role here at Camp Leaders allows me to help others experience the summer of a lifetime too.

Offline Marketing Coordinator

Camp Groove Point / Camp Sacajawea

Hello, I’m Courtney! I have spent 4 incredible summers out in the States. Camp has brought me some amazing opportunities and experiences. My life has changed for the better due to the doors camp opened for me. Now, my job is to help others gain a similar positive experience.

Junior Customer Support Advisor

Trout Lake Camps

Hi, I’m Megan :) I went to camp back in 2018 as an Adventure Area Specialist and had the time of my life! I gained so much independence whilst at camp, met some of my favourite people, and also found my favourite place in Santa Monica. I can’t wait to get you all camp ready this summer!

Junior Sales Advisor

Island Lake Camp

Hey I’m Sarah! I went to camp in 2022 and I was specialist counsellor in the horseback department. Going to camp was by far one of the best decisions I ever made and I met some of my now best friends who live all over the world. My favourite thing about camp is the portion size with desserts!

Junior Sales Advisor

Camp: Winadu

Hi, I’m Emily! :) I went to camp this summer to an all boys camp in massachusetts.I worked with the youngest boys on camp which was a fun and interesting experience. I travelled after camp for 3 weeks by road tripping down to Florida with a stop in North Carolina then heading to Fort Lauderdale and Miami before working my way back to New York.Travelling was the best experience of my life and im definitely heading back to camp this summer :)

Our US team are here to support you throughout the summer in America.

Head of Operations

Favourite place in the States: Austin, Texas

CHI/Camp Leaders Program Manager

Favourite place in the States: New Orleans, Louisiana

I manage the Camp Leaders team here in the US and work to strengthen our relationships with camps. I act as the bridge of communication between our recruiting offices and our team here in Austin.

CHI Camp Leaders Operations Manager

Favourite place in the States: Sanbridge Beach, VA

As a CHI Camp Leaders Operations Manager, I am passionate about the journey of the participant from start to finish! I do everything I can to ensure a smooth process for both participants and camps starting with placements and going all the way through post-camp travel.

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