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Yep, this is summer.

Traditional summer camps

Get ready for a summer camp classic. If you're looking for a bit of everything, you'll be right at home at a traditional summer camp.

Traditional summer camps are the most common type of camp - and they're often combined with other types of camp as well. You'll spend lots of time in the outdoors, as there are plenty of activities to go around at these camps.

Facilities and accommodation

Accommodations at these facilities may vary, but they're most commonly in a cabin with bunks and electricity. Certain camps may have a more rustic or outdoor feel, but still offer a traditional set of activities. Meals are most often served in a large mess hall.

You'll be able to find out more about the accommodations during your interview with your Camp Director.

Activities at traditional camps

Traditional camps have all the activities. These camps will cover a wide range - from art to sports to outdoor and waterfront activities.

You can do just about anything at traditional camps - archery, wakeboarding, and loads more. Whatever you're into, teach what you love at camp. A small number of traditional camps are only open for the day, leaving you with the evening off.

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The campers

Campers at traditional camps come from all kinds of backgrounds - which is why summer camp has a reputation for being one of the most inclusive places in the world.

These camps cover a tremendous range - some of these camps may be run by Jewish or Christian organizations, and some may be run as single-gender camps which are partnered with a neighboring camp of the opposite gender. Some traditional camps are also outfitted to be accessible for campers with special needs, or welcome campers from underprivileged backgrounds. You'll connect with people from all walks of life, and be better for it.

Do what you love this summer.

How to apply for a traditional camp:

Simple - just hit the apply button. From there, you'll be able to start an application, and find out lots more about what kinds of camps you could be going to this summer.

The great thing about traditional camps is that they're everywhere - they're the most common type of camp. They've got all kinds of activities, and often intermixed with other types of camp - so if you're interested in working in a specific job role or activity, or with a specific type of camper, such as special needs or underprivileged campers, you'll likely be able to do that at a traditional camp!

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