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Computing Instructor Jobs

Are you?

Analytical, a lover of technology, good at problem solving

Bonus Qualifications

Camp coding jobs are entry level - so you don't need a computer science degree to be eligible for computing jobs at camp. If you have a basic knowledge and passion for technology, you'll be eligible for camp computing jobs with no experience.

Why should I teach computing at camp?

If you're looking at computing as a potential career, coding jobs at camp are a great place to start. Jobs in IT require aptitude - that is, knowledge and experience. You'll be the computing specialist at camp - which is a great CV-builder for potential future jobs in computer science. You'll teach kids the basics, and have the freedom to be creative and unrestricted in what you design.

Why work a computer job from home when you can get paid to travel America and work a coding job? Camp is a great alternative to working a remote coding job - you'll be able to travel and work at the same time, with food, accommodation, and return flights included.

What does a computing instructor do?

Camp is the perfect place to start an entry level coding and computing job. You'll be working with kids, many of whom may have no experience in coding. For example, most kids will know their way around an iPad and their favourite gaming console - but they might not know how fun it can be to design their own games. Your job is to help them learn the basics - so if you don't have a computer science degree, it's no big deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be trained for computing jobs at camp?

On arrival at camp, you'll have a week of training to get used to the equipment and plan out some lessons. You'll need to bring a certain level of technical ability, but if you already play around with coding, designing, or other computer-related activities in your free time, you'll do just fine.

Why should I work a coding job instead of a general counselor?

This is a role where you'll be able to do what you love, all summer long. You'll be able to play with tech every day, and teach groups of campers why you're so passionate about it. You'll also get more free time than other counselors to explore or try out the other activities at camp.

How many children will I be teaching at one time?

Campers will come down to the session in age group divisions. These divisions can range from 10-30 campers. You'll have the assistance of counselors but it will be up to you to instruct a small group.

How can I make my computing job application stand out?

Having qualifications and examples of what you have created, coded, designed, or taught can be a big bonus. Look to local clubs for information on teaching and volunteering. If you'd like advice on your application, no problem - that's what we are here for. Chat to the team anytime for help.

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