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Parents and Supporters

What is summer camp?

Each year, more than 10 million children attend summer camps in America. Camp staff are hired to look out for the youngsters and teach them new skills - which makes it an ideal place for young adults to develop skills and confidence in a new environment. Summer camps hire international staff to introduce campers to people from all around the world.

Yes, summer camp is fun, but your young person will come back more worldly, more confident, and more responsible.

The benefits of working at summer camp:

Increased employability.

A job at summer camp is a great way to build a CV and boost employability.

Working at summer camp develops responsibility, independence, and drive. Employers around the world will easily recognize these valuable traits.

Character building.

Working at summer camp can be tough work. Developing traits like grit and determination will ensure a successful summer.

Camp staff are held accountable for their daily responsibilities, keeping to the camp schedule, and remaining professional throughout the summer.

Safe working environment.

If we wouldn't send our own kids there, we wouldn't send yours, either. We pride ourselves on providing a high-quality experience, every step of the way.

When partnering with camps, we make sure that they're fully accredited, and place a high value on providing a safe environment for campers and staff.

Expanded network.

Summer camps hire people from all over the world. International staff learn about new cultures and build a network of relationships across the globe.

Most people head to summer camp by themselves, so staff at camp form genuine friendships as they share an incredible travel experience.

Affordable, safe travel.

After camp, the J1 visa allows participants to travel for up to 30 days. It's a great opportunity to explore America in a way that works for them.

They'll be paid for their time at camp, so they can experience America without needing to save heaps of money beforehand. We've also partnered with The Coyote Trip to help make after camp travel even easier.

Why choose Camp Leaders?

They'll be in good hands.

We've got the largest customer service team of any summer camp agency in the UK. We've all been to camp ourselves, so we're passionate about what we do. We're also:

  • Dedicated to providing 24/7 support at camp.

  • The top-rated summer camp agency on Trustpilot.

  • Sent over 50,000 participants in the past 20 years

Choose Camp Leaders. We build Leaders for life.

Flexible pricing options.
Summer in America, for the price of a flight.

Camp Leaders participants spend 3 months in the USA for roughly the cost of their flight. Participants are free to book their own flights, or have us find one for them.

Whichever package they choose, our flexible payment plans mean it's easy to get to camp. If our standard payment plan doesn't work for you, we'll be happy to build one just for you.

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Insurance included.

The Camp Leaders program includes 90 days medical insurance. If a participant's camp program is longer than 90 days and/or they are staying and travelling after the 90 days they will need to extend their insurance.

It is the participant's responsibility to extend their own insurance. This can be done through the Secutive account that we will help them create.

Learn more about Camp Leaders insurance

Camp Leaders program timeline:

If you think Camp Leaders might be right for your young person, you can read about the full program timeline in our application guide. We'll help prepare them before they leave, and offer full support throughout the summer.

Whether your young person has travelled before, or they're thinking about going abroad for the first time, you'll feel secure with Camp Leaders.

Check out the application guide

Key pre-departure events:

Job fairs:

In January, we tour the UK with American summer camp directors who are eager to hire people, in person, right there and then. Our job fairs are a great way to get hired on the spot.

Find out more about our Job Fairs

Our business is personal. Camp directors love to meet their staff before the summer, and often arrange a Skype interview with potential candidates.

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Prep days:

We run mandatory pre-departure information sessions to ensure that our participants are well-prepared for camp.

Find out more about our Prep days
Embassy day:

To obtain their J1 visa, participants will need to attend an appointment at the nearest US embassy. We will send a step-by-step guide when they reach this stage of their application.

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