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Team Turtles
Abi was a star signing in the summer transfer window. She has so much personality that even a summer camp would struggle to cope. You're never short of some great entertainment when this girl enters the room.
Team Wildcats
Abigail has spent multiple summers at Camp Green Cove. This cool cat is another Camp Leader who lives for adventure. She even has an awkward dance she does every time another Wildcat gets hired. Remind us to Snapchat it for the world to see!
Camp Green Cove
University Partnership Lead
Alex leads the Camp Leaders way when it comes to passion, he sets the standards high. A firm knowledge of all things 'arty' and a great taste in music. We like Alex.
Team Turtles
Becca is always the star of the show. She spends her summers at Camp Indian Head as the Theatre specialist. She puts us all to shame at Karaoke but we love her anyway.
Camp Indian Head
Flights Co-ordinator
Becki is an absolute hero and the reason that thousands of people fly to America every summer! She loves anything Disney related. She's also our very own Shazam app too, her favourite phrase... 'It's a classic!'
Camp Half Moon
Offline Marketing
Ben organises hundreds of Camp Leaders events around the entire U.K. He's also the office's sporting encyclopaedia. He's a big Wrexham fan (we don't know who they are either?) He hasn't been to camp so we created a Hashtag for him.
Team Wildcats
David has spent 4 amazing summers at Camp Greenwood Trails in Connecticut. He's Mr IT in the Camp Leaders office and brings tears of laughter every time he tells the story of how he came to own a goat...that he's never actually met.
Camp Greenwood Trails
Program Leader
Eva has spent 6 summers at JCC Camp Chi and brings her wealth of summer camp knowledge to the Camp Leaders team. A passionate traveller and a great cook! She makes sure everything goes smoothly through your entire application process.
JCC Camp Chi
Team Bears
We never doubted that Frankie would be a superstar when he joined Camp Leaders in the Summer. He's caught the travel bug and has recently been to the Czech Republic, Hungary and Italy. He even has his very own hashtag too! #FrankieGoesTo...
Camp Echo Lake
Team Wildcats
Guy is possibly the nicest guy you will ever meet. He's worked at various summer camps across America. He's seen and done it all, from Snowboarding to running Marathons in Israel.
YMCA Camp Santa Maria JCC Camp CHI
Team Turtles
Helen is a Camp Leaders veteran whose been with us almost since the start. She's a juggernaut of summer camp knowledge and can only be described as amazing. She would prefer to be described as 'down with the cool kids' though.
Global Programs Advisor
The man, the myth, the...legend. Ian has spent 8 summers at camp. He never fails to put a smile on our, or more importantly, our participants faces.
New York YMCA Camps
Global Programs Advisor
Jess has spent 3 summers at Camp URJ Crane Lake. She's the definition of a good team-player. She's our goalie, our striker and every position in between. To put it simply, Jess is awesome.
Camp URJ Crane Lake
Team Bears
John has spent 7 summers at YMCA of Los Angeles summer camp. Whilst he might not be the only person in the office that loves Baseball, he's probably the only guy willing to stay up till 4am to watch his beloved LA Dodgers play. It's fair to say that nobody loves a morning roll from Greggs more than this trooper.
YMCA of Los Angeles
Global Programs Advisor
Kim is a travel veteran. She spent 5 summers at Camp North Star and over the years has worked and travelled her way around half the world! She's a good egg...sometimes.
Camp North Star
Director of Growth & Development
This bearded pirate is our glorious Camp Leaders Captain. He's visited dozens of Camps around America and knows hundreds of Camp Directors. He's even wrote a camp counsellor book! We all look up to him (partly because he's like 7ft10) Still can't dunk a basketball though.
Camp Lincoln
Global Programs Advisor
Nathan has spent 4 summers at Camp Ozark in Arkansas. A big fan of outdoor pursuits, Nathan lives for pure adventure. He once fell 40ft rock climbing. No donut or cookie is safe in the Camp Leaders office when Nathan is around.
Camp Ozark
Commercial Director
Despite his favourite shops being Homebase and Wickes, Pete is a seriously cool guy. From surfing around the Land Down Under to road-tripping to Mongolia he has some amazing stories to tell. He's spent multiple summers at camp and is a key brick in the Camp Leaders wall of knowledge.
Camp Shane
Team Turtles
Office socialite Queen Rhi has spent 6 summers as a dance specialist and group leader at Camp Kinder Ring in NY. She describes herself as 'hilarious' but we all know her jokes are like a lunar eclipse...spectacular to witness, but rare.
Camp Kinder Ring
Team Bears
There's only 3 things you need to know about this Grizzly bear. 1. He's got the best head of hair in Camp Leaders office history. 2. His life recently changed when he discover the Boots meal deal instead of Tesco's. 3. He's really good at his job.
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