Job Description Project Manager

The details

Post Commences 15th December 2018



Circa £19,500

Applications close

16th November

Who we are
The Business Incubator

Our department is at the heart of the organisation. We work on new business ideas, we work to scale projects up, to support projects that might be struggling and to implement new in house initiatives.

On our team we have ideas people, operations people, travel specialists, sales people and project managers who help the wider company drive projects forward.

The projects are as diverse as the team. The departments flagship program is Adventure China. We are looking to send 200 people to China next summer, 4x more than last year. This involves coordinating recruitment in 4 countries and working with partners in China, the UK and the USA.

Other projects include our Kiwi and Kiwi program, launching HR support to head office, launching a new overseas voluntary brand in the UK, supporting our efforts in recruiting for the Camp Leaders brand in Israel and more.

Duties and Responsibilities

We’re looking for a project manager to become part of our business incubator team. You’ll be responsible for managing a variety of projects of various sizes to help the business achieve our objectives, on time and within budget.

  • You’ll be there to ensure the most effective route was taken alongside being able to see the bigger picture. You’ll help align the organisation develop projects and will be a coordinator of resources and energy.

  • As a project manager you’ll pick up projects and run with them. Initially you won’t know if and how they will work, but you will figure it out.

  • You’ll be there from the beginning to agree objectives, to help organise those involved in the project, to make sure all aims are met, to ensure the quality and timing of the project, to report on progress and to evaluate what we do.

  • You’ll also spend time supporting the other project managers, getting that same help right back. You’ll work with the Global Leadership Team and the Director of Growth and Development to assess, challenge and drive forward projects.

You'll be part of an inspiring global company with over 150 colleagues all around the world.
Director of growth and development

Skills and attributes

Work with the best.
  • You’ll bring something experience to the table. This might be in project management, marketing, business development, from the travel sector or something else that can be tied back to the role.

  • You’ll be uncomfortable when you haven’t got enough to do. In fact, you’ll be the person who goes and finds something to do.

  • Decision making is a key part of this role; you’ll justify the direction you are taking and at the same time if it is not the right one, you’ll be happy to change tack and sail on.

  • An autonomous approach to your work is vital

  • Balancing multiple things at the same time will ensure you divide your workload appropriately and dedicate a fair amount of time to your projects

  • Your oral and written communication skills need to be exceptional, as you show people the new way forward

  • You aren’t phased when things don’t go according to plan as you have a new plan forming in the back of your mind

  • You’ll be able to quickly develop relationships with staff all over the world, our partners and prospective partners

The process

Phase 1 - The chat

Once your application is in, and we feel you’d fit the role, we’ll call you for a quick chat on the phone to get to know you a little better.

Phase 2 - The culture screen

It sounds complicated, but it’s simple really - we want to make sure you fit in.

Come on down to the office, meet the team and get to know us. From cups of tea to ping pong - leave your suit at the door.

Phase 3 - The real skills

This is our way of looking at the one to one interview. We want to make sure you’ve got the skills for the job.

It’s going to be all about the nitty gritty questions and exploring the role with you in detail.

Phase 4 - It's you

After some reflection time, we’ve made our decision but it’s your decision too.

Welcome to the Team.

Think you'd be a good fit?

If you'd like to chat about this role, please either give the careers team a ring on 0151 708 6868 or email

'From a back bedroom in 1999, we’ve come pretty far."