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8 Reasons Why Working as a Camp Counselor Boosts Your CV

Looking for an epic summer?

We are going to tell you why spending summer at Camp give you skills which enhance your CV.

Author: Liam
02 Jan 10:10

Camp is amazing. Awesome. Unforgettable. Life changing. The best summer of your life, but, what happens when you return home, back to uni, back to reality and set out on the job hunt?

Camp provides countless opportunities to make you an incredible interviewee.

Not only can you have the summer of you’re life… you’re going to gain a CV which screams - hire me. We’ve broken down some of the top CV enhancers which Summer camp in America will give you, ready for you to wow your next employer.

1. International Work Experience

Work experience abroad is highly valued by employers.

Spending your summer at camp in America working as either a camp counselor or support staff shows that you are not scared of a challenge. It takes guts to pack up and move abroad, no matter what age you are. Your experience at summer camp shows that you’re ambitious, willing to step outside of your comfort zone and meet new people from all over the world.

2. Leadership Skills

Follow the leader.

Scheduling activities and games for your campers, coordinating with other staff, carrying out safety audits and evaluations for your camp director, ensuring any conflicts or concerns amongst campers are resolved… all in the average day. No sweat.

But these are fantastic leadership skills. You are not just a camp counselor, you are a youth development professional. How fancy.

Being a good leader is not just about leading, it’s about being a team player and recognising how to inspire and get the best out of people. Working at camp teaches you organisational and leadership skills that will always stand by you, no matter your career.

3. Communication Skills

Hello, hello!

At camp, you had to be able to communicate with kids, co-workers and parents, no matter what time the day. Being pushed out of the comfort zone - you’ll be surprised how much confidence camp will give you.

From being the shy person at the back of the room, to standing on a chair and chanting your fave camp song. Camp is going to give you an ability to communicate and shine.

4. Long Hours

Whilst working in America is enormously fun with sunshine everyday, we all know that summer camp is hard work.

Working at camp, you’re never truly off duty. The adrenaline and fun keeps us going but when you look back - they were some mighty long days! You're a hard worker, be sure to get it on your CV.

5. Creativity

At summer camp you were more than likely put into situations which you wouldn’t normally find yourself in.

Anything from organising a color war, to rainy day activities, to thinking of a way of making cleaning fun. Summer camp and kids are definitely not predictable. A summer working at camp tests you, shows your creativity and ability to think outside the box.

6. Responsibility

There is no bigger responsibility than caring for children.

We know it’s not easy to get a group of 20 kids from one activity to another, across a lake - why do they walk so slow!

Whether you work at camp as a lifeguard, tennis coach, music teacher or in the theatre department, Working as a camp counselor means that you not only responsible for yourself, but for your campers as well.

7. Teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work.

After working at camp, this becomes the easiest question in the world to answer at interview. You’ll be able to recall countless stories from working in a team. Whether it was you and your co’s making sure your campers had brushed their teeth, attempting to tie-dye your division’s shirts, running an event at colour war or supervising the camp fire that evening. You got it covered.

8. Independence

Independence isn’t just for the 4th of July.

Admit it, before you set off for summer camp you still brought your washing home for mum to do... not any more (well not all the time).

Here you are at camp, for 3 months, away from home with the added awesomeness of being able to explore and travel the states. You’ve left the nest and had incredible adventures. Independence… yeah we got it.

So there are 8 great reasons to why summer camp is going to improve your CV - now it’s off to find that ultimate summer job.

Liam is our king of summer camp. Having worked at Echo Lake and IHC in New York City, this champ lives 10 for 2, 24 7.

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