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Explore America. your way.

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Heading to summer camp with Camp Leaders? Want the ultimate USA travel experience? Look no further.

With intimate, memorable, and safe treks and tours across the USA and Canada, The Coyote Trip is the ultimate way to travel after camp.

Even better, Camp Leaders applicants get a huge 10% off ALL tours, meaning it pays to go with the Leaders.

The Coyote Trip tours & destinations

From a 'West Coast Adventure', to a 'Canyons to California' trip, The Coyote Trip helps you discover the real America.

See and save big.

Break the mould without breaking the bank.

The Coyote Trip is a life-changing way to see the most epic sights in America.

All tours include comfortable accommodation & transport, an experienced Tour Leader, and even meals on select tours.

Tours last from 3-21 days, meaning you can explore America your way this summer.

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Local tour guides. Bucket list destinations. Accommodation & transport. Meet people from all over the world. Explore America.

The Coyote Trip tours include:
  • Secure transport, led by an experienced tour leader
  • Comfortable accommodation (hostels or outdoor camping)
  • All National Park/camping fees
  • Incredible sightseeing opportunities and other activities
  • Small group sizes, with like-minded travellers
  • 10% off all tours for Camp Leaders applicants (discount code provided when at 'Get Prepared' application stage)
Find out what America has to offer.

The Coyote Trip tours explore deep into iconic national, state, and provincial parks.

With a tour leader to show you the way and your own private transportation, your group will be almost self-sufficient as you explore the less well-known parts of the USA.

The Full Coyote

A woman looking out at the New York City skyline.
  • Duration: 21 Days

  • Route: New York to San Francisco

  • Overview:

"Our flagship USA group tour takes in a huge number of the nation's highlights.

Starting in New York and then taking in the East's historical cities and charming coastline before flying over to the West. A natural playground of Canyons, national parks and the Pacific coast awaits.

This 3 week tour is jam-packed with unmissable attractions and cultural discoveries." - The Coyote Trip

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California Calling

A beach in California, USA.
  • Duration: 9 Days

  • Route: Los Angeles to San Francisco

  • Overview:

"This 9 day California group tour showcases the rich diversity of the "Golden State.

Take in the natural splendour of Yosemite and the sweeping ocean views of Santa Cruz. Immerse yourself in the culture of San Francisco and Los Angeles. All this whilst enjoying the warm welcome of the locals and the beautiful weather.

This trip is guaranteed to get you California dreamin'..." - The Coyote Trip

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Coast to Coast

The Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, America.
  • Duration: 15 Days

  • Route: New York to Los Angeles

  • Overview

"This trip takes in two stunning sections of America.

Start in the East with its iconic cities, charming coastline and fascinating history. Fly over to the West for a slice of something totally different but equally awesome!

The Grand Canyon, Route 66 and the delights of L.A all await." - The Coyote Trip

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East Coast Adventure

Capitol Building, in Washington DC, America.
  • Duration: 8 Days

  • Route: New York to Boston

  • Overview:

"Discover the majesty of these East Coast cities- from the spell-binding skyline of N.Y.C, the fascinating history of Boston and the imposing grandeur of Washington D.C.

We’ll show you the unmissable sights that make these places famous but also offer experiences to really understand how these places tick. From yoga in Central Park, shooting hoops in Philly to live comedy in Boston – there’s a whole lot more than just the star-studded attractions.

Plus- we’ll venture out of the cities with stops on the coast, countryside and even the ocean." -** The Coyote Trip**

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West Coast Adventure

The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, Los Angeles, America
  • Duration: 14 Days

  • Route: Las Vegas to San Francisco

  • Overview:

"The West Coast is a true treasure trove of magnificent scenery, stunning cities and gorgeous weather.

This 2 week West Coast America tour includes a whole series of highlights. Camp amidst natural wonder in Yosemite and the Grand Canyon, stroll Californian city streets and experience Vegas in all its glory.

What's more - there's epic trips on Route 66 and the Pacific Coast." - The Coyote Trip

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Canyons to California

The Grand Canyon, Nevada, America.
  • Duration: 8 Days

  • Route: Las Vegas to Los Angeles

  • Overview:

"This Canyons to California tour packs in a true variety of incredible American experiences.

From the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, the rugged beauty of the Grand Canyon to the magic of Los Angeles.

This expertly crafted journey allows you to see a whole range of this great country without breaking the bank!" - The Coyote Trip

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Deep South Group Tour

Bourbon Street in New Orleans, U.S.
  • Duration: 8 Days

  • Route: New Orleans to Nashville

  • Overview:

"Savour the rich culture of America's Deep South on this 8 day tour through these fascinating and beautiful states. Start in New Orelans and absorb Creole cooking, cruising on the Mississippi and discovering the beguiling mystery of the natural wonder nearby.

Immerse yourself in the history of the region with visits to Montgomery and Atlanta before stepping into the musical Mecca of Nashville." - The Coyote Trip

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Fun, freedom, & flexibility.

Free time and choice are a key part of The Coyote Trip tours. Hang out with the group or do your own thing - it's up to you.

On top of all the incredible tour highlights, you'll also have your choice of optional activities while on your trip. It's all about flexibility - and it's the ultimate road trip.

Tour group sizes are small, allowing you to get to know everyone individually.

With an established backpacker network, The Coyote Trip is a safe, fun, cost-effective way to see the USA.

Get wild with The Coyote Trip.

How to claim your 10% off.

Our partnership with The Coyote Trip means Camp Leaders applicants get an exclusive 10% off.

To get your discount code, log into your Camp Leaders account, or send an email through to us requesting it.

From here, you can book the tour of your dreams and add in the code during the checkout process to secure your savings.

Your American adventure doesn't end at camp.