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Camp in America - Your Next Summer Job.

Are you ready for the Best Summer of Your Life?

Working at Summer Camp in America will be the best experience you'll ever have . It's a big promise, but it's a promise.

You'll spend your J-1 summer being paid to have fun in the sun while you teach activities to excited children, and you'll make friends from all over the world.

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There’s a role for everyone.

Working at camp in America means having fun all day every day. Teach the things that make you happiest, whether it's climbing, water sports, horse riding or soccer.

Take part in activities you've never done before, or barely get the opportunity to do. And how about showing the Americans how to play Gaelic or Hurling, teach them some traditional Irish sports!

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Your adventure begins here.

If you fancy spending your J-1 summer in America, we're the best choice. We can offer you a guaranteed job with one of our 500+ Summer Camps.

Ireland's best J-1 summer means you'll spend 9-12 weeks working at a Summer Camp in America before spending 30 days travelling around the USA.

We've helped more than 40,000 people head Stateside to work at Summer Camp... are you next?

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