Christian Summer Camps in America

Christian Summer Camps

Christian summer camps in America can be found all over the US. Routed in the private camp traditions, these camps will mix faith into their daily programs - from the subtle influences in our YMCA camps to stronger faith ties, there’s a huge amount of variety when it comes to the Christian camps we work with.

Christian camps focus on creating a super exciting and engaging environment for each camper. Activities and daily traditions, alongside being great fun, also allow for educational, social, physical and spiritual development.

When a Christian summer camp hires a new staff member they will look at that person’s own religion and beliefs - don’t be surprised if you are suddenly hearing from a Christian camp and you aren’t Christian yourself - many camps won’t mind that you don’t share the same faith, just that you are open to new experiences.

What to Expect

An opportunity to work at a Christian camp which meets your level of Christianity, whether you’re heavily practicing or hold the basic values of the faith.


Top Tip

Approach a summer at Christian camp with an open mind. Actions of practicing Christianity may differ from your own, but your shared faith and underlying values are the same.

What Not to Expect

A level of pressure to conform to the religious practices of others. Your level of faith and your personal practices will remain your own.

You’ll Love

The opportunity to explore your faith on an international level, meeting other Christians from around the world.

How Do Christian Camps Differ?

All summer camps in America aim to help children grow whilst in a safe and fun environment and most camps are based on some kind of core values. For the Christian camps these values are the same, however, they are rooted in the Bible. Christianity is not the main factor at camp, but is often built into its values. This means that Christian camps can fall under other camp types too, so it could be a Christian private camp or Christian underprivileged camp for example.

How Religious Are The Camps?

The  Christian camps we work with are often liberal and modern in their approach to Christianity. Some camps will have a higher level of Christian practice and may require you to be more heavily involved in your faith and there are less religious camps which simply look to promote the values.

Camps will work to incorporate you in at a level you feel comfortable and you’re bound to fit in snugly.

Why Work At A Christian Camp?

Other than being heaps of fun - being in high demand means you have a greater opportunity to secure a placement at camp - and fast. You will have the chance to experience Christianity a different and engaging perspective. Summer camps are always a fantastic experience and a Christian camp will have strong underlying values which provide an inspiring focus to each day.

Facilities and Accommodation

Facilities at Christian camps tend to vary from camp to camp, but the classic American summer camp activities will be covered including arts & crafts, sports, swimming and more, with meals taking place in a big lodge or mess hall. You’ll typically share a bunk with a small group of co-counselors and campers, often with a private area for staff.

The Campers

Campers range from 5-18 years and come from a wide variety of backgrounds and Christian camps often serve the communities they are part of. Other camps cater for specific communities and issues; inner city, disadvantaged, foster children and many others as a form of outreach and service.

Applying for a Christian Camp

As part of your application, you’ll be able to specify what kind of camp you’re interested in and we will then look to match you with what matters to you. You will have the option to select working at a faith based summer camp as part of your application and our team will do their magic. Remember that being more open to working at different camp types increases your chances of placement.

Placement Opportunities with Camp Leaders

We work with over 500 hundred of the best camps in America, giving you some of the highest placement chances in the industry.  Christian summer camps in America use a number of UK-based agencies to recruit staff and we have been one of the key providers for nearly 20 years, giving you the security of finding that summer camp in America job.

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