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Faith-based camps

These camps are built around developing good values. Most of these camps will have their faith roots in their origins. Many religious camps originated from an influx of Jewish and Christian settlers over 100 years ago - and their status as faith-based camps is simply a nod to that history.

The level of faith practiced at these camps varies as well - some camps may engage in active religious practices, but mostly, it will amount to a simple prayer before mealtimes and a clear emphasis on developing good values.

Facilities and accommodation

Facilities at these camps will cover a whole range, but for the most part, you'll stay in traditional camp cabins. You’ll typically share a bunk with a small group of co-counselors and campers, often with a private area for staff.

Meals take place in a big lodge or mess hall, and you'll have the full allotment of food to keep you full over the summer.

Activities at faith-based camps

Activities at religious camps are mostly the same as the activities at any other camp. Religious camps often have a traditional outdoor feel, with plenty of different activities to go around.

Religious camps aren't just about teaching faith - activities at these camps cover the whole range, from sports to waterfront and lots more.

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The campers

Most campers will be polite and well-mannered, as they've been brought up in a religious background. You'll find a sense of community here, as you'll be joining a tradition that goes back over 100 years.

You'll also have a great set of co-counselors to rely on who will support you through your summer.

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How to apply for a faith camp:

Simple - just hit the apply button. From there, you'll be able to start an application, and find out lots more about what kinds of camps you could be going to this summer.

Feel free to ask one of our friendly Camp Leaders team members more about the various camp types. You’ll also be able to specify if you're interested in working at a Jewish or Christian camp in your application.

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