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A Jewish summer tradition.

Jewish summer camps

Summer camps are a Jewish-American tradition that goes back to the late 1800's. Today, there are hundreds of Jewish summer camps all over the USA.

About 90% of our camps will have some kind of historical affiliation with a Jewish organization, but many of them do not actively practice faith at camp.

Accommodation & activities

Most Jewish summer camps simply will be traditional camps which recognize or practice various Jewish traditions like Shabbat.

The accommodations and activities will be the same as anywhere else - after all, it is summer camp.

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Not Jewish? That's okay!

Many summer camps hold Jewish status, or observe certain Jewish traditions, but do not require staff to be Jewish.

Levels of faith at Jewish camps

The levels of faith at Jewish camps will vary greatly. Many camps simply observe various Jewish traditions - in fact, you may not even realize you're at a Jewish camp.

A few Jewish camps in the USA will explicitly hire Jewish staff who practice Judaism, and may be able to lead Jewish rituals. However, the vast majority are open to people of all backgrounds. Camp Leaders is all about cultural exchange, so it can't hurt to experience a culture that's different to your own.

Campers at Jewish Camps

You'll find that most campers are just regular kids - having fun, exploring, and learning. Just like any other camp, the most important thing is that you provide a good example for them.

Wherever you end up, you'll be joining an established summer camp community. Many campers will be of Jewish faith, with standing family ties to their camp. In fact, many camps will have mostly Jewish campers, but only a few Jewish staff.

Why to apply for Jewish camps

By keeping an open mind to Jewish camps or other new experiences on your profile, you're creating dozens more opportunities for yourself at amazing camps.

In your camp interview, you'll be able to make sure that the camp is a good fit for you. They'll take your personal beliefs and comfort into consideration, and if it's not the right situation, you can always interview with other camps until you find the right one.

Add Jewish camps to your profile now and become eligible for dozens more roles at American camps.